Spotify on Android 5.1.1 can't stream to Android SmartTV

Spotify on Android 5.1.1 can't stream to Android SmartTV

Hi all

I have had a problem with the Spotify Smart TV app for about two months. Here is what I do:
1) Power on my Android phone and my Android SmartTV
2) Open Spotify app on the SmartTV
3) Open Spotify app on the phone
4) Select a song on my phone and start playing
5) Select the SmartTV in the devices list
Then it says "Connecting" on the phone app, and the TV app starts a spindle. Then it says "Something went wrong." on the TV, but the phone keeps saying "connecting". The spindle wheel keeps spinning on the TV afterwards, but the connection is newer established. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

I have already tried removing Spotify from my phone and reinstall it several times, but with no luck.

Phone: Android 5.1.1 running MIUI7
TV: Philips 48PFS8109/12 with Android 4.2.2
Philips software version: AND1E.
Spotify phone version:
Spotify TV version: 325caef891aff2df667e87963dea0b448b012909
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Hey there!

Would you mind sending over a screenshot of your Connect menu?

We'll take a closer look.

I have a Philips android tv 49PUS710012 and I can't even find a spotify app in Google play. And on the Spotify Web site they state that it is possible to cast via Google Cast on Philips android TV and that is a false statement. It doesn't work! Why do they lie? Why do they not answer people with this problem in this forum? The support sucks big time! Instead of having a real support and stand responsible for their product they refer to this user forum where they don't even answer questions. What's wrong with them? If they do not produce an app for android TV OR make it work with built in google cast OR even give a plausible explanation I'm ending the subscription. VERY disappointed customer.

Where do I find the Spotify app for AndroidTV mentioned above?


Sorry for a (very) late reply.
After one of the recent Spotify updates, the connect App started to work again. However, there seems to be a stochastic effect somewhere in the loop, as the availability of the connect functionality shifts on a daily basis. I have made tests with two different WiFi routers, but the experience seems to be the same. Luckily, I'm in a good stream and at the moment I have access to Spotify Connect 🙂

Have look in the App-menu. The Spotify Connect app is pre-installed on the TV if it is available. For my TV, the app menu is found by pressing the Home-button on the remote.

Hey i have the same problem the previous guy had, but i have a philips 48PFS8109/12 smart tv and an iphone. I simply cant cast my music from any of the iphones at home to the tv, and it allows me to find the tv but once i start connecting to it it just gives an error as ' Something went wrong. Please try again' and it never works, no matter how many times you try to reconect. What could be the issue?

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