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Run -genre disappeared

Run -genre disappeared


For my disappointment I couldn't find the "Run" in the genres anymore. The one where you can put/change your own bpm and the music responds accordingly.


It was one of the few very, very useful things on Sporify and I really, really wish you bring it back as soon as possible.


The playlists are just not the same and practically they all are just unlistenable.


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It's not the same as before, but you can find the genre 'Running' with some playlists grouped by BPM.

If you'd had read my whole post you would have noticed my opinion about those playlists. 


Theyare unlistenable s*it.


Thanks for the tip.

Yeah this was a great feature that I loved for running at a consistent cadence. There are other playlists (Running genre) which happen to be in a rough BPM zone (i.e. 170 - 190) but the previous feature would adapt the music a bit faster / slower to match the exact cadence selected, and it would overlap the end of one song seamlessly with the next without missing a beat.

I'm so furious that this is gone. This was a huge reason why I switched from Google Play to Spotify just a few months ago. Why would Spotify do away with this incredibly useful feature?? I just don't understand at all. This really helped me pace myself on my runs.

Am also furious this mode / genre has disappeared - can Spotify talk to why this was removed?


Was an incredibly useful feature that allowed me to run to my own music.


Currently seeking alternatives.

I cannot believe they removed this feature  week's before the London marathon.   This is seriously going to screw with my training. Its one of the geniunely useful parts of the app. Reinstate please

In fact I don't think I've been this mad at a first world problem for some time. 

I’m so upset! This was the main reason I went with Spotify. Gone right before my race this weekend. Please bring this back!!

For what it's worth:


Found this which allows you to search your own playlists and filter by BPM:

hrew all my music into a playlist, brought it up in this web app, filtered it by a BPM range (for me 157 - 163) and created a new playlist. 

Obviously only worthwhile if you want to run at a single pace (160 BPM for example)

That looks great! Thank you! I’ll check it out. 

Hmmm I couldn't use it to my own music.

But the feature had awesome playlists like Lock the flow (I used this constantly) and the Ellie Goulding -one. And others too, can't remember the names.


Really tried to check the current ones, but my concentration went to skipping the tracks - couldn't do my workout like that!


As for someone taking workouts (I train on the national team) very seriously like others here too I see marathon runners, triathletes etc, the feature was an ESSENTIAL tool to do our training.

so this is in fact completely removed from spotify? I saw this yesterday and it completely ruined my run...thinking i just couldn't find it. Looked more all morning now and seeing this makes me want to cancel premium. was the best feature in all spotify and what i would show people always and talk up the app about. bad form!


same here, i'm so upset. spotify ruined my day big time. spent most of my excercise looking for running feature.

tempo detection was so useful, that i will look for same capability elsewhere.

Right on! 

Rockmyrun comes close.... 

Had the same problem yesterday. I would really love the option back. I'm quite dissapointed that the genre is removed as it was. The new option in the workout genre just isn't the same...

I'm a 180 BPM guy.  I've trained myself to run at that pace and loved it.  Please bring back that feature soon!! 


Why?? Why deleting a perfect run genre where you can change thebpass with one click??? The best there was. The only with very good music. Not friendly for customers to change this without asking how the users like and used it.  Who decided this? Where is tiesto armin van buuren and so on?  Please give it back and make my day!  And in future try to communicate... In advance ... Is that possible?? Dankjewel 

Thoroughly disappointed that they removed this feature. I may move to Pandora or other music listening app at this point. It was the only thing keeping me here that was different than the others.

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