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SD Card Completely Useless After Clearing Data + Cache

SD Card Completely Useless After Clearing Data + Cache

After using the clear data and log off button to make some space on my sdcard, the application froze and crashed. After that the sd card wouldn't let me delete/write anything to it. Later i found out that it somehow got mounted as read-only so i mounted it back as read write and everything works. Here's how (you need root for this):


1. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store

2. Slide from the left side to open the menu then tap on "Root Explorer" NOT the on/off button

3. Tap on mount r/w

4. Tick the RW dot next to external_SD

5. Tap on OK


Voilá your sdcard is back


Just a tip for people who might come across the same issue.

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Good tip! I hope Google make the whole SD card issue a lot easier with 5.0!

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