SD Card Problem

SD Card Problem


I bought a Micro SD card just so I can download songs on Spotify. It was completely problem-free and I used it for almost a year. Now I've switched to a newer phone and I used the same SD Card for almost a month.


But suddenly 2 days ago I got an error that says: "Poor SD Card Performance".After this error appeared I was not able to open Spotify properly; it was slow and did not play any songs. When I remove the SD Card from my phone there was no problem.


After this problem, I've formatted my SD Card and now when I try to use it I am able to open and use Spotify but under the "storage" section I can not choose Device Storage or SD Card. It just says "Checking..." and it is stuck. Also every time I launch the app it sas "Restarting app, won't be long."


If anyone can help me that'd be great.

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Maybe, your sd-card is broken, or your phone.

Try a sd card from a friend, and look online if there are any issues with your software or your phone.

Also, have you tried to clean the sd slot and the sd card? 

Maybe that could be the problem.

Have a good day and good luck




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