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Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

This occurs in the latest update.


Issue: when rebooting the phone spotify data is lost. 


After rebooting my phone.

#1 log into Spotify again

#2 must move location of storage back to external sd card.

#3 must select music to be stored for offline use again


It is extremely annoying because it takes a long to to download again.


Analysis of problem

It appear on reboot Spotify service starts and doesn't find the SD card because it takes 20sec to 5 minutes to prepare the external sd card for use even though I use a super fast Samsung class 10 sd in my phone.

The large size of my sd and the fact Spotify makes thousands of small files to save the downloaded content makes the initialization of the SD much slower to worsen the issue 


It appears Spotify fails to find the SD while in preparation mode and defaults to internal storage and is stuck there.


As login is required to change storage to external sd the old data is just left there.


Old version of Spotify didn't have this issue if I didn't open Spotify until the external SD card was ready.

65 Replies

You are not alone. I have had the exact same issue since a few days ago. I bought a new galaxy S7, so I wasn't sure ifthe problem is the phone o the app, but I suspüected that it had something to do with the new optionn in Spotify to set the memory and the fact that the sd card needs a short time to be ready to use after phone resttart.


I desparately need a solution for this!

It's worth checking that Spotify has permission to access SD storage in the android options/application manager. For some reason this isn't set automatically when spotify is installed.

I've just tried that and it didn't work =(. All my files are gone again.

Try this one.


Force close Spotify through Task Manager, then clear your Memory / Cache. Then change permissions to allow Spotify access memory. Then go to Spotify settings and selected Storage to manage where you want to put all your data.

I've just tried your solution, but it didn't work. All playlists are deleted again.

I tried giving Spotify full storage permissions in the Android os.

Please everyone with this issue submit to Spotify support.

I submitted this error and was asked to format my sd card clear cache and reinstall the app. My further requests are being ignored and they don't appear to fully read what I write. Rather support gives a suggestion for me to do what I already said I have tried in the message.

I did all of this again including trying yet another sd card.

My phone isn't rooted so I can't modify anything. And I am not to root an s7 for Spotify Premium.

Up to 150gb downloads for Spotify re-download offline and I only want 1200 songs on my phone.

I too tried formatting my sd card. Ich have already submitted to spotify support. I am waiting for their answer.

This was my latest reply.

Still same issues.

I have lots of offline devices even though I only use offline download on 1 phone and my pc on 1 Playlist.

At least they seem to be looking into the issue. And with internal storage the issue doesnt come up. my phone is only 32gb so that's no good because samsung removed the 64 and 128gb internal options available on the s6. On the s7 and samsung added ext sd (deleted in s6) instead of internal memory options.

We'd like to inform you that upon looking at your account from our end, we can see that something occurred with the offline files on your devices. It seems the cache has become corrupted and was disconnected from the app.

Don't worry, if you follow this link you can reset your offline devices. Then you'll need to perform a quick reinstall of Spotify with these steps. This will clear any unnecessary connections between your phone and your Spotify account.

After doing the steps above, we suggest that you download a playlist with only a couple of song in it and observe if the if the offline tracks will disappear again.

I have just tried another sd card and the problem is still there. I can now definitely say that the problem is not the phone and not the sd card.

OK,  so I think I  fixed the problem. I've restarted the phone 5 times now and everything seems to work fine. Here's what I did step by step:


1. open Spotify app, go to options and delete the cache data.


2. Go to your spotify account online and delete all offline devices.


3. Go to your spotify account online and log out every device that is connected to spotify.


4. Uninstall Spotify app on your ohone.


5. Re-download and reinstall spotify app.


6. Make sure that the first memory that spotify uses is the external sd card, not the internal one. I think this happens automatically when your sd card has more free space than the internal memory.


7. Try downloading a playlist and then restart.



Does this work for you, too?

I just tried that. I'll try anything to fix Spotify.

Actually I was super shocked to discover my sd card was auto selected on my
first sign in.

I downloaded a healthy 19 songs about 64mb.

Reboot and all 19 songs are gone again.

I am getting so frustrated.
My data is through the roof.

My WiFi just broke 100gb now in two weeks.

Even worse news.

On install. Ext Sd location is automatically selected.

No offline downloads at all.

On reboot is switched automatically to internal storage.

What use is premium without the ability to download????????

I'll be going to my mobile provider and asking them to fix it on my phone or credit me back the amount they charge me for this app monthly until spotify fixes this issue.

I've just restarted my phone again and the app didn't switch to internal storage. I'm sorry it does not work for you. Are you sure you followed my steps exactly? I'm not sure what helped. Maybe I just got lucky... Maybe you can give it another try?

You got lucky somehow.

My galaxy s7 edge is from my provider is pre-installed with spotify
(although can Uninstall and clear app data)
spotify premium is on my mobile plan.

I have no cache cleaners.

I will take my phone directly to the provider. If they can't fix the issue
the will have to give me unlimited data or a $9 spotify credit until this
issue resolves.

I am sure I could fix this with a rooted phone or tearing apart the apk.
But that's not my job.

I even factory reset my phone. I was concerned soluto app messed things up.

I don't have any cache cleaners or 3rd party data cleaners. Just whatever
scan the phone does when mounting the SD on boot.

I also tried disabling power saving for Spotify.

And the problem is instant always I either have to run on internal or I
can't reboot my phone.

I thought I fixed the issue but realized the 20 successful reboots with
just a few songs were because it switched to internal already.

I hope spotify can duplicate this issue. Otherwise I have the Flagship
Flagship plan
Flagship spotify

And the flagship issue.

Btw my friend with a galaxy s7 edge and his daughters boyfriend with a s7
both have this issue.

G935w8 model here on microcell/FIDO canada

"I have no cache cleaners."


I dn't know what you mean. It should be inside your Spotify app directly under the option to switch between internal and external memory actually. There should be an option to delete cache and all saved data. Is this option not there in your Spotify app? I can't imagine that.


If you find it, try my solution again and tell me if it worked now.

I did all that.
An android factory reset too.
Brand new sd card.

On install
wiping spotify data spotify wants to store on my external sd

After reboot I get this every time. Internal

This is a bug. That doesn't mean there is bad code.
It means spotify hasn't taken into consideration that on reboot the SD card may take a while to mount and be ready.

So defaulting back to internal and unlinking the old cache data is not helping.

Yes that is exactly what happened to me. However, the fact that it works now means that there must be some way to fix  the issue. It is not the sd card and it is not the phone. I really don't know which of my actions fixed the problem. Maybe I just got lucky. 


"It means spotify hasn't taken into consideration that on reboot the SD card may take a while to mount and be ready."

I'm not sure anymore that this is the problem, since my large 128gb sd card does not mount itself faster than before and yet Spotify now correctly does NOT switch to internal storage after reboot.


Have you deleted your offline devices in your spotify online account?

You must be lucky.

Even a factory reset.
Spotify picks my sd location as the storage location automatically and correctly.

Even if I don't make any songs available offline.
After a reboot it's back to internal storage.

Would be great if spotify would accept this as a real bug.

Having an option for Spotify to sleep for 5 minutes on boot or at least wait for external storage to become available by the Android os would be a solution.

Rather spotify unlinking the cache data and switches to internal.

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