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Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

This occurs in the latest update.


Issue: when rebooting the phone spotify data is lost. 


After rebooting my phone.

#1 log into Spotify again

#2 must move location of storage back to external sd card.

#3 must select music to be stored for offline use again


It is extremely annoying because it takes a long to to download again.


Analysis of problem

It appear on reboot Spotify service starts and doesn't find the SD card because it takes 20sec to 5 minutes to prepare the external sd card for use even though I use a super fast Samsung class 10 sd in my phone.

The large size of my sd and the fact Spotify makes thousands of small files to save the downloaded content makes the initialization of the SD much slower to worsen the issue 


It appears Spotify fails to find the SD while in preparation mode and defaults to internal storage and is stuck there.


As login is required to change storage to external sd the old data is just left there.


Old version of Spotify didn't have this issue if I didn't open Spotify until the external SD card was ready.

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Does Spotify have anyone working for them anymore who knows how to write working software?  It isn't like this is happening on some weird offbrand phones, the S5 was and the S7 is one of the major flagships.

What if we take this issue to a popular website like Mashable, The verge or Engadget. Then we can get this noticed and solved as is unacceptable to be stuck on an old version of the app just because is the last one that works properly.

Thanks @Autotime,

I am having exactly the same issue. (Android 7, Samsung S7 Edge)

My case it hurt even more, because I marked/downloaded many playlists for offline playing (less than 300 songs of course) and then I started flying from USA to Mid-east (Almost 26 hours, with no WiFi or Data), with hope that I could listen to all my offline music, then....boom, this issue hit me hard. So annoying. 

And it is still happening, once a while I have to go to the settings and set the Storage to SD again and again...and my downloaded songs are gone each time!

I can't believe Spotify engineers are not prioritizing this issue as HIGH and hopefully fix this.


Kind Regards,



I have waited some weeks before posting this entry. I have updated my Galaxy Edge 7 to Android Nougat and since then I have not had any problems with this bug. I have processed two minor updates also and default storage location is still the memory card. I have pulled out the card, reinserted it and everything was the same, no problem at all. Now I have my memory card with plenty of music (extreme quality) and I can enjoy while I am offline. For me, this has solved the problem at all. 


Note: I updated the OS using Odin and the version from England, since my carrier (telcel) has not released the update yet. But it was even better since I also got rid of all **bleep** of bloatware.


Hope this helps!!

I have exactly the same problem with galaxy s 7 edge with nougat (android 7), just let you know this and make sure that Spotify receives the info that something is wrong with the app and take this info for real and find a solution for we all.

I see they closed the bug topic so I doubt they're taking this seriously. If you're still having problems with an encrypted SD card, I recommend starting a new bug topic, referencing the closed one.

I never thought I'd say this but I'm starting to despair at the poor level of support I'm seeing lately. The community mods seem reluctant to pass anything on to the android team and the app itself is remarkably unstable considering how mature it is. Maybe if they stopped introducing new, marketing-led features...

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