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Shuffle is the only option

Shuffle is the only option






Samsung Galaxy A50

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

On certain artists, albums and playlists the Shuffle button is the only option. I can toggle the Shuffle icon on the playing now screen but it has no effect. I have checked my account and I'm listed as premium (family) Erased all data and also reinstalled the app from Google play. Still no cigar. The app is also slower in response than our just to. 



14 Replies

I'm having the same issue on Android, Premium account, I am suddenly forced to shuffle, there's no albums or tracks listed when I search artists names, albums, songs. Just a huge f***o** shuffle button. This is unacceptable.

Same here on iPad and android phone and yes, I have a premium subscription.

Usually I listen to audio books and now I can shuffle them. Wonderful.

Same here. I select an artist but only have the shuffle button. No tracks or albums showing at all. I can play via shuffle but it's like pick n mix

Having the same issues. Starting page is empty and I'm unable to view artists or albums. Shuffle is the only thing the shows up. 

I also got the empty start page.
Seems like a server problem to me?



edit: I was on a website that shows troubles on popular services, since about 45 minutes people keep reporting.

So I guess it is a known problem.

Same here. No option to select songs or albums. It's like I was not having premium. Is this an issue with "family premium" subscription, that I have?


Blank start page here as well. No family plan, just standard premium.

I don't have  the family option. Somehow the service seems to mix up who has a subscription and who not....

Same here

Running latest version of Spotify on iPhone 7

I have the same problem, started yesterday on a Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Tab S5e. Oddly it is not related to the app update on the 22nd as it was fine until yesterday when it removed all track listings. 

Edit: Premium user on standard account rather than family.

Same problem here since a few minutes, empty start tab and no songs on artists and albums, only shuffle button visible. Reinstalling not successful, and several iPads show error too.

This "SHUFFLE" button will be my nightmare, it's terrible to use the apps in such form.

I hope the problem will be solved shortly.

Aaaand it's fixed! Phew!

**bleep** yeah!!!!!!!!!

Let's listen again

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