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Skips to the next song every time I take a step

Skips to the next song every time I take a step

I have Spotify Premium and have found it to be incredibly glitchy. If I try to listen to it while on a walk or, god forbid, on a run, it skips to the next song on a playlist or album with every step I take. The only way to avoid this is to hold my phone perfectly still with both hands as I walk, and even these measures only work some of the time. It's very annoying and I'm wondering why I still am paying for this service. 


In Settings, there doesn't even seem to be an option for skipping songs, so there is nothing to disable to fix this. I'm at my wit's end and Spotify seems to lack any type of actual customer service. Please help!




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Hi @Mayeres!


That seems a bit odd. Does this happen when you're using the Running feature in the app? Can you try the steps here for us? They should help with this.


Let us know how it goes. 

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