Songs being removed from my playlists

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Re: Songs being removed from my playlists


Found out the problem to some if not all of the "deleted" songs. They may not have been removed after all. The screen shot shows that the song "Tal Uno" is in my "All" playlist twice with the only difference being one says it's in an album called "Singles" and the other just says it's "Tal Uno" again likely being a single. So I'm guessing some bands have multiple singles (individual songs not released In an album) that they upload to spotify individually that they then later re upload to spotify but grouped into an album. Not sure if this is the case for all of the songs but I'll keep an eye out and update later.


Tal Uno is a really good song by the way


Re: Songs being removed from my playlists


Turns out it's not just a song being added twice, it's my crappy phone. Sorry to waste your time peoples. I couldn't search my playlists before since I used to have the free membership. Now that I can, I see it must've been my phone glitching as some songs are just added twice. Since adding the same song to a playlist twice wasn't even an option with the free membership it must have been my phone.. or maybe the app glitching. Either way thanks for the replies

Re: Songs being removed from my playlists


Hey @MrKidd.


Thanks for letting us know!


No worries - as you said, sometimes artists can upload multiple versions of the same song (e.g. first the single, then the song within the full album, and even if they show the same number of streams, they have different URIs).


If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. We'll be right here.


Stay awesome!

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