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Songs keep pausing automatically every 10/30 seconds

Songs keep pausing automatically every 10/30 seconds






Samsung A51, Alexa

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My songs keep pausing every 10/30 seconds without any reason, this keeps happening while I drive and my phone is connected to my Bluetooth speaker, when I play music through Alexa or even on my Windows 10. To make things even worst the problem appears and disappears from day to day, like it works for a day then it appears again for 2 days, it's just so annoying that it's pushing me to just download music locally and play it from there. I've already tried doing a clean install both on my phone and computer, but the problem reappeared immediately. Also, I tried using the "Sing out of all devices" multiples times, that didn't help.

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Hi there @vex96ita,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


Just to confirm, does it only happen when streaming but not with your downloaded content when the Offline mode is enabled?


Additionally, could you try logging in to a different account, like a friend's or relative's, and test if this behavior persists across all your devices? This will help us understand if the issue is rather account related or if there's another possible cause.


Keep us posted.

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Hi, thanks for answering. And yes this happens only when streaming, if I download the songs locally and enable offline mode the problem instantly disappears, but this way I cannot stream to Alexa. And for the other solution, yeah sure I can't try with the account of one of my family members, only problem is that the autopausing happens randomly, like it happened to me the other day but now it's been 2 days since it didn't happen.

Hey @vex96ita,


Thank you for keeping us in the loop.


Since this is happening on multiple devices while streaming, have you tried connecting to a different internet network/mobile data to see how it works? 


Also, let us know if you're able to test another person's account. If you're not, please create a new one here. This can help us determine if the issue is happening exclusively on your own account. 


We'll be on the lookout. 

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Hi, about the first question, yes this happens both when I'm connected with my home WiFi and my mobile data connection. I'll try with my friend account and see if that solves the problem, I'll keep you updated. Thanks :d

Hi @vex96ita


Thanks for your reply. 


No worries, take your time to test with a different account and let us know how it went. 


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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I have the exact same issue. I have tried everything and it just does not want to work across any devices I try to use spotify. My music also only works when I am listening to it offline, but it can still get a bit frustrating to not just be able to listen while online.

Hi there @ALKoek,

Thank you for your reply in this thread. Let's take a closer look into this.


If you haven't already, can you have someone log in with their account on your device - such as a friend or a family member to see if the issue persists?


Also, can you let us know if this occurs on a specific device or multiple devices?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.


Have a great Friday and start of your weekend!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

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