Songs stop playing, app going offline


Songs stop playing, app going offline

I used the preview version on my desire hd and it worked great. I then upgraded to the final release and started getting problems. The app seems to go onlineand offline at will and songs stop playing at random. Even the downloaded songs and even if the app is set to offline mode. I didn't bother to fix it sinceI bought the galaxy s3, but the problems appear on the new phone as well. I did the following:
Installed the new app from google play store.
Logged in with spotify username and password. I tried facebook as well.
I downloaded a playlist in high quality.
I played it. The song stops after a short while at random.

Any solution?
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i just updated to the latest version this morning My playlists are synced over wifi but I'm constantly in offline mode. I sometimes can connect and after playing 1 or 2 songs on the radio or streaming, then the app goes into offline mode. Please fix soon!

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Okay so I have tried the new version some, here are my results:

Play a playlist online with 3G (30 minutes): Worked.

Play a playlist online with wifi (20 minutes): Worked.

Download a playlist and play it while online with 3G (15 minutes): Worked.

Download a playlist and play it while online with wifi (15 minutes): Worked.

Download a playlist and play it while offline (10 minutes): Worked.


So far everything has worked for me, but I have not had time to do any excessive testing. I will test it more tomorrow but the initial tests look promising. I am sorry to hear that two of you have tried the new version without success though, so apparently they still need to take a good hard look at this issue.


By the way, I cleared the app data and uninstalled the preview version before installing the new version from the play store (in other words, i did NOT chose to upgrade it), since this was the way they told us to upgrade from the preview version earlier. Can more of you try and report here if it works for you or not?

The app works like charm on my home wi-fi network.
The problem occurs just at work, we've got some kind of corporate network set up with proxies and stuff, so i guess it could be the problem.

Anyway, other than that, i've got no complaints about the app. No problems with offline playlists and other bugs that i've read of.

Just downloaded the latest version and still having the widely reported problems.


Songs start and stop and random.


I can't download playlists.


Nothing seems to work in offline mode.  When I try to play a song I see the message "track not available."


When a song does play it takes 4-5 seconds before there is sound.


I'm going to give this a very negative rating on the Android market.


This is really unacceptable.



That update worked!!!! Thank you!!!!

Since the update the usual stuff now works for me.

Samsung Galaxy S3, I updated from the preview version (not intentionally).

It looks like the last update solved this issue for any users.


If you are not one of them, please visit this topic and follow all the steps. The more info we have the better the chance of your issue getting resolved.

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