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Sort playlist thing + bug

Sort playlist thing + bug







Moto Z2 Play

Operating System

Android 8.0


I got really disappointed with the last update, I ALWAYS used the dropdown to sort my playlists and even to remember wich are the new songs that I added, now the dropdown is gone, it was of easy acces and straight forward, but now you have to scroll up, click on the 3 dots, scroll down again, find the option and then sort the playlist the way you want, this is messed up, why would they complicate things? I really don't get it. Besides this, theres a bug now, it happens 90% of the time I try to sort the order of a playlist, if I click one time for example to sort by title, it will work fine, but if I do it again to invert the order, it does not work, the arrow changes direction but the sorting will remain the same. The main thing I wanted to ask, if someone from the development is seeing this, bring back the dropdown option to sort the playlists, I bet a lot of people also use it everyday and now its just over complicated to do it. Thanks!

3 Replies

I'm having the same problem. Not only is the new context menu thing inconvenient, it won't even sort instantly like it used to if I'm trying to invert, say,  from A-Z to Z-A. I have to leave and re-enter the playlist for it to take effect. 

Please revert these changes,  spotify. The new method is too frustrating! 

I'll go one better: It's not just frustrating... It's idiotic! Whoever thought it was a good idea to move the "Sort" and "Find In Playlist" from the beautifully convenient pull-down menu to the 3-dot menu section should be fired! It was quick and convenient before -- why would you bury it?!  How stupid! And I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I'm SURROUNDED by stupid people making stupid decisions, and this is just the last straw I can bear today!  Seriously, it was perfect before, and now it's a huge hassle! It's so OBVIOUSLY worse! How could anyone not see that it's worse!? I honestly, literally,  genuinely cannot understand how anyone thought this was a good idea. There are things that NEED to be fixed, but, "no... Instead, let's take a feature that's just great, and make it **bleep** awful to use!" Yeah, great.


AND... AND ... Like the others here said, sometimes it doesn't even do the sort it's supposed to do! THEN, you have to go through the arduous process of navigating the menu ANOTHER time, trying to get it to work!  It worked before! It was convenient to use before! What was there to change!?????! 


Bottom line: it WAS perfect... it WAS WAS right!  NOW it needs work! 

Well, until this day no updates to correct the bug and from the looks of it, nobody else cares and most of the users accept bad changes to the service instead of improvements, GG Spotify...

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