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Sorting songs on androiod

Sorting songs on androiod


I cannot seem to sort the songs on a playlist on my phone (e.g. by date added, by artsit). I can do this on the computer, but not the mobile. This is slightly annoying as e.g. some playlists are in alphabetic order on the computer, but on the mobile theyre randomly palced so I cant easily find the song.

Also if I star a song it puts it on the mobile at the top of the list, then works it way dowen teh bottom of the list, so if you're listening to starred song, it never plays unless you manually dop it (in which case you end up starting and listening to the top of the list again)

Anyways I have android samsung galalxy s2. Any help'd be appreciated.


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I was also curious about this. I don't know if it's because of the sort order of my songs on the desktop version before I synced or not, but it would be nice to change the sort order on the mobile version.

Isn't there an Idea open for this so it would be implemented?

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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I really would like to see this feature in the app as well.

Would LOVE this feature, probably the only reason I would give the mobile app (both Android and iOS versions) a 4/5 stars instead of a full 5/5. 

Even having just the ability to do a reverse sort would be nice. Whenever I add a new album, it goes to the bottom of my list. If your playlist is long, you know it will take several swipes to get to the bottom of the list!

Good news everyone! 


This is implemented in the latest update ๐Ÿ™‚

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Please pardon if this feedback is not what you expect. I'd love to see sorting on the Android app similar to what the desktop version has. In other words, what is really needed is the ability to sort by albums and especially by date added. On a long list, it takes a lot of scrolling to find the last songs/album added. Sorting from A-Z or Z-A is really useless unless a listener wants to hear all songs that begin with "A." I truly hope that Spotify will continue the sorting implementation.

Good feedback - I'd like this too. In the meanwhile, organising my playlists in folders makes finding what I want on my android a little easier.

Hey there everyone!


If you'd like more info on how to sort tracks in your playlists on your Android device, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.


Have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚


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