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Spotify App for Gear S3

Spotify App for Gear S3

When trying to stream from my Gear S3 without my phone nearby,  I need to go into the Gear S3, change the mobile network to "Always On", then go back into the Spotify app, and choose "Stream over LTE/3G".  Is there a way to just allow the app to stream to whatever connection currently exists?  

Once I am done working out with the Gear S3, I will have to change the settings in both places back, so I can stream again when connected to wifi.  Seems a bit convoluted. 

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Doesn't seem to be able to login. I got the 2 step authentication on Facebook. I get a message that a new device is trying to connect and when I choose save browser it still doesn't work on the gear s3. The 2 step authentication keeps blocking my gear s3 from logging in to spotify. There really need to be a function to be able to fill in the sms code I receive when logging in to spotify with Facebook. It's useless now. It's also strange that the spotify app isn't using the credentials from the Facebook or spotify phone app...

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