Spotify Issues


Spotify Issues







Xiaomi Redmi 5

Operating System

Androit Nougat 7.1.2 (MIUI Global 9.2 (NDMIEK)


My Question or Issue

1. Spotify Icon gone from status bar after pausing a track for a long time (happened to me on 14/08).


2. Track automatically stopped and reset to 0:00 (as of 15/08).


3. I tried reinstalling multiple times issue 1 still occurs. Cache cleared and no spotify folders left when I removed the app. None of these solutions helped!


I will not duplicate the issue with my anyone's account as my friends or family members dont use spotify. I will not update my firmware because my phone is locked to its current software without any options to update to the latest. 


I trust that the spotify team understands my issue as I have paid for the premium service and this is not what I expected. Please contact me via my account's email if you need to. Apologies if I had repeated an existing thread. Thanks.

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Re: Spotify Issues


Hi @muqrimusa, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you let us know the Spotify version you're using? Also, can you let us know if you're using a theme in your phone? If so, we'd recommend disabling it and let us know how it goes.


Also, does it happens with downloaded music or while you're streaming?


Take care 🙂