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Spotify Not Showing On Android Auto


Spotify Not Showing On Android Auto

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System: Android 9


Spotify doesn't show up in the Android Auto Menu. 

This symptom was covered in another thread from a few years ago but it seems something else is going on. 


  • Have uninstalled both Spotify and Android Auto and reinstalled both.
  • Have restarted phone.
  • Have checked "Device Broadcast Status" in Spotify Settings.


Where's Spotify?Where's Spotify?Version Broadcast StatusDevice Broadcast Status


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Casual Listener

Personnally, using Dev options doesn't work.  By the way, I've find another solution : 

Open your settings and go to Manage apps.  Then in Spotify, there's an Autostart option where you can find "Allow the app to be started by other apps"

This solved my problem.  Hope it can help some of you 😉

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That's what worked for me also.

Edit #3 to go to version and tap 10 times

Worked great on my pixel 3, issue only occurred once I updated os to Andriod 12.

Thank you very much!

Just wanted to add another thing to try if still not showing


Disable any battery optimisation options. In other words tick all the boxes that allow background activity for Spotify. That made it fixed for me, in addition to all of the other mentioned steps!

Hello all,


I figured out that if i go to my Bluetooth settings, and disable media playback for the Bluetooth device that is my Car, it worked perfectly. I've had no issues since i made this change.


Hope it helps!

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