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Spotify Notification question on Samsung S7 Edge

Spotify Notification question on Samsung S7 Edge

Coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Whenever I would be driving and using Waze I could change the track using my bluetooth and the title of the next song would appear on my notification bar for a second to let me know what song and artist it was switched to.

Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I cannot get such a notification to appear despite all notifications for Spotify being turned on in both the app itself and the system notification advanced options. Is there something I'm missing?


The S7 Edge is running Marshmellow, and the Note 4 was running Lollipop

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Thank you for the quick response. As it turns out all forms of power saving settings have been turned off since I first setup the phone.

You can also try to uninstall and reinstall, if that's not working you can also try older version of Spotify:

Also make sure you have Notifications turned on under Settings: Application Manager: Downloaded: Spotify.

Application has had all local items cleared and signed out, app was uninstalled and reinstalled.

All notification settings both in App and System notifications are all on. Older version tested.

All of these are true and still no dice, Spotify works perfectly it just will not display track information on the notification bar when I go to change it

Go to Settings > Sound & notification. Next, scroll to the bottom and tap App notifications, then tap on Spotify. Make sure 'Block all' is not enabled and also enable 'Allow Peeking'

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I think one of the things that is confusing me is that marshmallow 6.0.1 for the S7 Edge changes the settings path that most help walkthrough.  


On my phone and current OS sounds and notifications is no longer there but instead split.  Sounds and vibration (which have nothing in the way of notifications outside of sound) and then notifications have their own setting tab now, there is no longer anything with block all or peek but just a toggle switch for everything.  Inside that you can navigate to advanced options with each app but even with everything turned on and nothing being blocked the issue persists.  


I am beginning to wonder if this is a bug/oversight either with my version, with touchwiz, or the app itself and how its interacting outside of the settings?

ever find a solution?

I've had exactly the same issue. Nothing to do with power saving or notification settings. The only solution I've found is to reinstall, which is annoying to do 3 times a day.

Another thing is that this problem means that the music on Spotify doesnt automatically pause when playing, say, a video on Youtube or when I take my headphone jack out.

I think its a bug.

I am also having the same issue. Brand new out-of-the-box GS7E bought today.  Had this issue on my GS5 for about a week, then issue was alleviated. I believe it was a bug introduced in an update, and then addressed in a following update.  

Think I've found a solution. I have a Samsung s6 edge+ so I dont know if this will apply to you guys, but thought I'd share since it might help someone. What I did was hold down on the shortcut to spotify on my homescreen, and then went to app info. Scroll down to "Notifications" under "APP SETTINGS" and press on "on lock screen" and "show content". And voila. Hope this helps! 

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