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Spotify Premium Widget Does Not Work Well

Spotify Premium Widget Does Not Work Well

I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE phone, and the spotify widget for easy home screen access doesn't work. If I pause a song on the widget, it will pause. However, if I press play, backwards, or forwards after I pause a song, it does not respond. The cover art disappears and the app doesn't remember what song I was listening to or what playlist I was in. Can you figure out a way to fix the widget? 

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Hey there and very warm welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂

Thanks for your question.


Try for first stepp clean re-install of Android Spotify app.


Let me know if this doesn't work and if not, then you need to make bug report about this.

If any problems with Spotify in future, just come back and let me know. I will help you.


I just did a clean install: remove spotify and al the playlists from mu galaxy tab 2 7.0 and reinstall spotify from googleplay.

But unfortualy this didn't help, The widget blancs a few minutes after pausing the song. This bug comes with the update of spotify that the last played song will be remembered, and the queue list won't disapear.

The widget works for some phones, not for others. On my Nexus 7, it's usually there but sometimes not 😞 I don't think reinstalling will help - it looks like one of those bugs which is going to take some time to catch.

Okay, so something funky here.  Earlier today my spotify wasn't finding my SD card (although my phone didn't have any problem finding it).  Anyway, when all else fails - reboot.  Didn't work.  Uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled.  The app worked fine but when I went to add the Spotify widget to my homescreen it was not longer appearing in the list as an available widget?  It was there before and now its just gone.  So it isn't on my homescreen and I can't choose it to add it back on my homescreen.  Help!  I love that little guy!  (I have HTC Inspire)

Yes it's farm from idea.


On all android phones I have I've had the widget on my home screen. If the app has been closed you can't just tap the widget to open the app. You have to go into the app, start the music and only then does the widget work. So I have the widget + the app icon on my home page taking up 5 whole spots!

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