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Spotify Premium not Registering?


Spotify Premium not Registering?

I have Spotify Premium, I use it to listen to music on my Android phone every day. I was using it earlier today. Tonight, however, it has suddenly stopped working - when I try to open a playlist or use the "search" function, every song is greyed-out, when I click on a song, it prompts me to "Upgrade to Spotify Premium." I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify on my device; no luck. I got onto my PC to check my subscription status - it shows that all is normal and I have Spotify Premium, and from my PC I can play music, however, when I log back on with my Android, it says I'm using "Spotify Free" and again prompts me to upgrade. What gives?


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This answer with those five steps is bull**bleep** to us, Nordea customers.


I would like to add a another reason and heck, this is reason why we can't renew our subscriptions.


6. And there is some banks that need security from you. Like Nordea. They only accept a Internet payment method when service purchased from Internet. You send this purchase to bank as Local payment (purchased in shop). And Nordea decline this as security step, so autorenewal does not work at all with Spotify.


Why you have time to answer this, but no time to change your payment type to Internet? So we can use your lovely autorenew option?


This problem is in Spotify for years and no one care. Yes, I have a Official answer from Nordea Finland. So I know where is problem in situations like this... Stop blamming bank we use, update your **bleep**ty systems instead.

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To update: I check my account status again, all is well. I log out of Spotify once more on my Android, uninstall the program completely. I then log out of Spotify on my PC, exit Spotify on my PC, reopen it on my PC, log in as usual, click on my account, and it shows I have "Spotify Free." My "Spotify Premium" was good through 2/29 and set to recur every month, yet that disappeared, and I had to re-pay the $9.99. I go back to my account, even though I just paid again, and it says my service is only good through 2/29.

Hi there,


It seems the problem is you've made a duplicate account on our system. 


However you've now started a subscription on both accounts. Please have a look in your inbox as I've just sent you some details on how we can work this out. 

Same problem for me, what can i do ?

I am having similar issue.  I upgraded via the android mobile app, but neither my phone or my Mac are showing I am a premium user.  Please help.

r0bs - Your situation is very strange. I'll email you.
Airhorn Enthusiast

It's the same for me... can i have an email too 😃 ?

Yes, you can - Just a moment!
Airhorn Enthusiast

I paid for the premium service today and when I go on my android phone it says I can't play songs because I don't have the premium service. But I do! Please help!

Having the same issue as laylah. Any soloution for this

I am having the same issue.  I have a valid account but everytime for the past 3 days I try and use my android im told I need to upgrade to a premium account.  I mainly use my spotify over my phone while at work and in the car.  So at the moment Im paying for my account but recieving nothing.  What will be done to fix this problem?

Same for me.  Had unlimited, bought an Android phone so decided to upgrade to Premium on Friday.  It still shows Unlimited at the top of my screen though and still says i need to upgrade to Premium when i try to play the tracks on my phone.  Emailed support, but no response yet other than a holding email.  After looking at the other messages on here, seriously considering writing it off and going back to unlimited.

In order to look into this for all of you, we need to take a closer look at each of your accounts.


If you haven't already, could you please complete a Contact Form. Just head to 'About Us' (above) > 'Contact Form'.


I'll then be able to get back to you via email--thanks. 

Thanks for the reply, form now with you.



I have been a premium customer for several months and suddenly when trying to listen to music on my phone all the tracks are greyed out and if I click the track I receive a message indicating 'Streaming is only available to Premium Customers'.  I checked my account status it confirmed I have a premium subscription. Please help...


Hi I am having the same problem as most.  I have purchased Spotify Premium and it says so on my laptop - my playlists are find on my laptop also but can't access any music on my phone although I am logged in with the same details. It is as though spotify is offline on my mobile phone and also none of my playlists are no longer available.  This has taken place over the last 2 weeks but previous to this both my mobile and computer Spotify accounts were working fine with premium.  Help asap. 

pond7314- I can see we were able to help you out via the contact form. Glad to hear that's working for you now.


juicepr- Your Premium subscription is definitely fine our end. Please try changing your 'juicepr' password with this link.


Then shut down the app and sign in with your new details. I know it seems like a strange fix but it's been successful before.  

I have same problem I just signed up for the 30 day trial and my iPhone and computer say i have Spotify Free I checked my subscription status and it says i have Premium. Please Help!!

I just purchased Spotify Premium about 20 minutes ago.  I also ran into this same issue.  I contacted their twitter support but got no response.  I managed to get premium to register and work for both my PC and Andriod Mobile App be doing the following:  


1:  Change your Facebook password if you originally created the account threw Facebook.


2:  Completely sign out of the PC app and resing in using your new password.


3:  Uninstall the andriod app and reinstall it, clciking "Log in with Facebook."  should do the trick on that part.  


4: The last thing I did was accept the ToS for the community (This probably has nothing to do with it working.)  




Try these steps out and let me know if doing this works for you aswell.

I'm having somewhat similar issues that started on Friday. I sent an email on the Support page, but I figured I'd try over here also. I usually use spotify on my phone- however, I went on it Friday to listen to a playlist and it asked me if I would like to Upgrade or just use the radio. It did appear as the same issue on my PC, but it does let me play the music on my playlists and whatnot..and it also has an Upgrade icon at top of the window. I went to my account page and it has my CC info on there and everything, but it says I'm using Spotify Free.

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