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Spotify Saving Data on Both Internal and External Storage

Spotify Saving Data on Both Internal and External Storage

As the title implies, my Galaxy A5 (2017) has been having a storage problem regarding the internal and external storage. As I speak, both have been occupied by spotify according to App Info and My Files with nearly the same amount of space taken. I have tried following the complete guide on storing cache on to external storage as well as unistalling the app as well. Why is this happening???

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Same problem here with my S5 and Android 6.0.1.

But I don't think that spotify saves duplicates on both storages. As I read in other posts, this is just a problem with reporting the correct app size. Android tells me that my spotify app has a size of a few GB, although my music is stored on the sd card - it is chosen in the apps settings and I checked the spotify folder on the sd card. But my other apps (especially the updating app) don't realize that and tell me that I haven't enough space on the internal storage. So this problem exists for a couple of month now, but it seems unsolvable for the spotify team 😕

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