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Spotify URI and NFC - can they work together?

Spotify URI and NFC - can they work together?

I want to use an NFC tag to open Spotify for Android to a specific album.


If I use the URI spotify:album:6QaVfG1pHYl1z15ZxkvVDW then Spotify immediately opens on the homepage. It does not open the specific album.


If I use: It opens via the browser. That's not what I want. I want to open the app directly.


If I use an Android intent it opens the app to the start page.


I've tried using spotify://album/6QaVfG1pHYl1z15ZxkvVDW but the problem persists.


Is there a way to use an NFC tag to open the Spotify App directly to an album?

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Hi edent! 


I recently had the same problem and was very dissatisfied with the solutions. Opening the browser is somewhat of a useless and annoying step. 


To circumvent the bug in Spotify, I wrote a very simple application which fixes the bug. During testing, I found out that you can successfully open the playlist in Spotify when starting the Spotify app using an Android Intent. I used this to create the app. 


When you're interested in the app, you can take a look at the instructions here. Feel free to write me, if you encounter any problems. 

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