Spotify Won't Sync Specific Local Files From Desktop


Spotify Won't Sync Specific Local Files From Desktop




I seem to be running into a small problem while trying to sync some local files on my desktop to my Andriod device. In a specific scenario, I own the Snarky Puppy album "We Like it Here" which was recently taken off of spotify. Because of that, I added the local version I had bought to the playlist I had their music in. The music plays on my desktop, no problem. I tried to sync this playlist to my phone, and all of the other tracks, except for the select Snarky Puppy songs, will sync.


In troubleshooting I have searched the Community posts related to local file syncing, but I have not been able to use those solutions to fix my specific problem. As a precaution I have reinstalled spotify on both devices, and still nothing has changed.


As I looked further into the problem, to see if it was possibly the file format or other songs that had the problem, I recorded a number of different occurences in which I wasn't able to sync some classical music from my library from my desktop to my phone either.

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Can you check the info over hereAlso, could you let us know what operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


On the other hand, make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.


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