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Spotify app seems to cause Android browser to go offline

Spotify app seems to cause Android browser to go offline







OnePlus 5T

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

I play Spotify via the app.

I am not entirely sure but it seems when I play music on Spotify, my android browsers become offline (Chrome, Firefox, Opera). It has happened afew times, might be coincidence.

However, other apps are still online: Whatsapp, Youtube.

The browser may go back online after about 30mins to afew hours (by then I have stopped playing Spotify)

This happens regardless I am on Wifi or Data.

I have tried going Airplane mode and back, clear cache, restart phone, kill Spotify/browser and launch but browser does not come back online immediately. I usually wait for my browser to go back online on itself.

Does Spotify have conflict with some browser ports etc? anyone experiencing the same symptoms?

3 Replies

Hey @allnotavailable.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community 🙂


We're not aware of any issues with Spotify interfering with browsers on Android, however we'll be happy to look into it.


Could you first try a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your phone, making sure to clear all app data? You can follow the steps in this support article.


If that doesn't work, could you let us know the exact version of Spotify running on your phone?


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply 🙂

Hi Peter, Thank you for responding.

I'm not sure if Spotify caused the browser disconnect.

Anyway I did a fresh install after clearing data and cache. Coincidentally, after a while I got the browser disconnect again (it doesn't always happen).

I am running version

Hi Team,

This is a late reply. I happened to use Spotify today and encountered the annoying browser disconnection.

I am using Spotify

I realised when I play Spotify, Chrome and Firefox tends to become offline (unable to load pages or refresh)

But duckduckgo browser is able to work. (that is the browser I am using to reply the msg now)

Im not sure if there is a difference in how the browsers connect to internet though

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