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Spotify app uses all my phone storage even though it is saving to SD card

Spotify app uses all my phone storage even though it is saving to SD card

Hello, first time posting to this forum.
I'm having the following problem.

I've been using spotify for about a year and a half and had no problem whatsoever. 
But now i have the following problem in my LG G4 beat with 8GB of internal memory.
It shows me that I'am using all the disk space in the internal memory.
Truth to say I am using about 1GB in all my Apps. 
After a further analysys i could determine that the phone shows that spotify is using 5.1 GB  in the internal memory but really all the data is being stored in the SD card. 

Is there any fix for this issue, should I report it to Android?
The pone runs android 5.1.1 and i have the latest spotify app. 

2 Replies

Hi this happens in android 6 as well so I'd guess it is a Spotify issue. It doesn't seem to affect anything and only the application manager shows the incorrect information so I haven't bothered about it.


You could report it to Spotify via the contact form or raise it as an issue on the forum. It would be interesting to see if they're aware.

Thanks joe. I appreciate your soluttion very much.

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