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Spotify not downloading to SD card on Android 6.0

Spotify not downloading to SD card on Android 6.0

Does anyone know how to make it save to SD card in Marshmallow? Z3 Compact (6.0). I tried granting Spotify storage permission but it still downloads to internal storage.
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So far i got nothing on the web on this matter...

The only way that I´ve managed to do it, until now is the next one:

- make a backup of your sd card.
- then on your phone go to "settings" "storage""sd-card"
- then click on options (the three dots on the upper right)
- select coniguration
- select "format the sd card to internal storage" option
- this will merge your storage capacity

The down side of this is that you have to manually put your backup on the phone and if you dont have a fast enough sd card your aplications wont work correctly.

I hope that this will help you.

I have the same issue on LG G4 with Android 6.0. I even got in touch with Spotify's support however they failed to give a working solution.

Finally they started walking in circles suggesting the same non working solutions.

Looks like the compatibility issue between Spotify and Android 6.0

Formatting the card as internal storage is not a solution to the problem as it has some severe drawbacks. One should really make sure he knows what he is doing before formatting a card as internal.

I agree with Igeleta, formatting the SD card as internal storage is not a solution.

I'd just like to have the option to select the storage folder in (advanced) settings.


In Android 5.0 (and lower), you had to clear the cache and re-download your music. This is not a solution either! Why would you have to go through so much hoops to get this working. The easiest solution would be (as Rdio did in their mobile app) to be able to pick a folder with a file manager or just enter the path e.g. "/storage/sdcard/".


Maybe this could be test in the Beta? I'd love to help fixing this.

Same problem here with the G4, LP was great with Spotify but the MM (marshmallow/6.0) is bad. Maybe you should contact with LG to add ability:"format the SD card to internal storage" or simply bring back the good old SD management. It's really bothering me too 😞

I have the same issue on an LG G4.

The several ways to solve the problem here in the community do not work for me. It would be great if Spotify could work on a solution for it.

Android devices with Marshmallow (6.0) will become more and more soon.


I have opened a case with Spotify support and finally after two weeks of bouncing e-mail they admitted that there is the issue and developers are aware of it. So it might happen that the fix is prepared.  I strongly encourage you to open the case with them to make them feel the pressure. Posting to the forum does not have any impact.

I also opened a new issue for the problem:

Please evereyone - open issues to put pressure to it as @Igeleta already said.

@Kockainside wrote:

Same problem here with the G4, LP was great with Spotify but the MM (marshmallow/6.0) is bad. Maybe you should contact with LG to add ability:"format the SD card to internal storage" or simply bring back the good old SD management. It's really bothering me too 😞

I contacted LG UK support few days ago, how to format my sdcard like internal to have option to move apps to sdcard and to try if its possible to move spotify music, and after few replys:

  • Good morning Denisas,
  • I hope you are well, and having a lovely day so far. 
  • Thank you for your email.
  • As much as I would like to assist you with your query, Denisas, I'm afraid what we can do is very limited because we do not manufacture the update – the update comes from Google themselves, as they are in charge of releasing these updates. 
  • I would suggest that you look into contacting Google for further assistance – They may be able to clarify why the update has done this, and what can be done about this. 


From other customers I heard, that formating sdcard like internal, also not fixing spotify - marshmallow problem 😕 




This solution worked for me on a Motorola MotoG 3rd Gen phone freshly upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, however it does not seem to work on some brands such as LG/Sony/Samsung (to confirm):



even if you manually move the storage folder to the sd so your songs would be there it doesn't work. It just thinks that your sd doens't exist. Camon, it can't be so difficult, google music works fine but i like more spotify. 1 month and if there's no update google would be my new spotify. I'm not returning here

I can confirm this solution appears to have worked for me also - I have a Moto G 3rd Gen with 6.0 Marshmallow. Thanks for posting the link to the solution - I've spent the whole evening trying to sort this out!

The solution only works for sone moto devices. As you start trying it on other brands like sony and lg this does not work

Same problem here after auto upgrade to android 6.0. Did you already solve it?

Hello everyboydy, I had the same problem with my Moto X Play... I tried all the tips posted on other forums, but finally I have done it.




This was the main tip :


1. Enter to the "Applications Menu" on your Configuration icon

2. Look for Spotify

3. Stop the application (I dont know the name of the button in encglish, my menu is in spanish)

4. Clear Data and Cache

5. Uninstall Spotify

6. Connect your phone to your PC/Lap Top and chose the option on your phone to transmit files

7. Enter to the phone internal storage trough your pc/lap top, and look for the "" file and delete it. You may find it in the Android folder > Data

8. Turn your phone off

9. Extract your SD Card from your phone (you must ensure that you don´t have nothing on your SD, not even use it to install other applications previously, because this procedure imples to format the SD)

10. Format your SD card on your PC/Lap Top

11. Turn your phone ON

12. Insert your SD in your phone, the phone will ask if you’d like to treat the SD Card as PORTABLE STORAGE or as INTERNAL STORAGE, choose PORTABLE STORAGE, VERY IMPORTANT¡¡¡¡ this is the main step.

13. Install spotify, and open it, log in, and then close the application.

14. Again conect your phone to your PC/Lap top or use a file manager on your phone (I used the "ES file manager" application)

15. Look for the "" folder on you internal device storage and delete it, also look for the "emulated" storage and delete that too.¨* The only "" file that must survive is the one on your SD card , you may find it in the Android FOlder, within DATA folder.

16. Once you did the previous step, enter again to spotyfy and download one of your play list, a small one.

17. Once it has been downloaded check the content on your SD card (with "ES FIle Manager" or the File manager on your phone or checking the size on your "Storage" option on your phone... if you did it correctly or your phone accepted this procedure you may find the SPOTIFY music files are on your SD Card... and you can start to download all your Playlist.

I hope it can work for you as it did for me... it took me all one day to get to this solution.

Greeting from Mexico

the attached link doesn't seem to work just goes to the Homepage of Spotify Community. Would it be possible for you to share the link again?

Thank you 

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