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Spotify connect stuck on connecting - when playing albums

Spotify connect stuck on connecting - when playing albums




The Netherlands


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

My Spotify connect doesnt work right. When i use Spotify from my Android phone, when i play an album on a different device, it is stuck on 'connecting'. After a while 'connecting' disappears, but it wont start playing on the other device.

  • When i use Spotify from my laptop, i can play albums on external devices via Spotify Connect without a problem.
  • The issue occurs with multiple external devices.
  • I already tried updating my phone OS, the Spotify app, and rebooting the phone.
13 Replies

What makes it even more strange: when i play songs from a playlist, i can use Spotify Connect to play on an external device without a problem, the problem is only occuring when i try to play an album.

apparently it is a bug. downgrading to version  V8.5.18.932 helps.


If you don't want to downgrade, you can play albums if you press the three dots after opening an album and choose "go to album" - if you start playback from this screen, you should be able to connect to your speaker.

This is really useful. I've recently started having the same issue, but until I read this I didn't realise it was only from Albums. So thanks for the workaround as it was driving me insane not being able to listen to music on my various speakers around the house.


But the bug is rubbish and I hope they fix it soon. Coming on the back of the changes to the App which I hate and removing my Android widget, I'm completely miffed with Spotify atm. 

Update: now finding that Go To Album workaround works only intermittently for me..

It's weird cos my Alexa device says it's connected to Spotify but the App just sticks on "Connecting". And weird cos it's worked fine for ages until just recently.

Really annoyed now!!!

for me the workaround works every time - too bad to hear, that for you this is not the case.

even more important, that the problem gets fixed asap, dear spotify...

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


This sounds a lot like an issue which we're currently looking into.


Make sure to leave the requested info in this ongoing issue thread.


We'll keep you posted there and let you know as soon as we have an update.



I can confirm the issue.


Spotify connect don't play SAVED albums when trying to play them from the library.


But you can play them as a result from a search or using "go to album" from a song.


Weird, please fix.

I am having this exact problem right now and the steps above do not solve it. Help please!

Having the same issue help

I am having the same issue since 2-3 days ago.

i have multiple devices such as google keep & Bluesound which I use Spotify connect on. 

My Daily Mix playlists dont play when using Spotify connect, however when initiated on the phone it plays fine. When trying to connect to any of the above mentioned devices, it stays stuck at Connecting and times out.


Very frustrating especially since I am paying for a premium family subscription.



3 years have passed and the bug has reappeared!

Just started having a connection issue with my speakers for the first time yesterday, the connecting message appears without connecting now.. Contacted Spotify and they just gave me the basics like reinstall etc which none of that worked.. I wonder if it is on their end since we both ran into similar issues yesterday?

I'm having this issue on desktop?


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