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Spotify connect won't allow for picking songs to desktop, only shuffle

Spotify connect won't allow for picking songs to desktop, only shuffle






Nokia 8, Windows 10 PC

Operating System

Android 9, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have been using Spotify connect for a while, probably 3-5 months, and it's come in handy whenever I play music through my PC, as I could control the music that played through my laptop speakers when I was in bed. 


As of a month or so ago, though, I haven't been able to pick songs in playlists like I used to be able to. The connect feature still works most of the time, as I'm able to forward and reverse through the now playing tab. However, when I click on a playlist, I only get the option to shuffle play, as if I was using the mobile verion and not having been connected to the desktop. 


At first, I thought this was just something Spotify was doing, and I was prepared to just suck it up and deal with it. It was only after having to uninstall and reinstall the app, though, that I realized it was a bug. Upon a fresh install, the app acts as it's supposed to, allowing me to select songs in playlists and even in an upcoming queue. This functionality is lost, however, upon closing and reopening the app, and upon that condition, returns to the bugged state. This issue has lasted through multiple computer and phone reboots and through multiple version updates, as well as on the alpha version for android. As of now, I have no idea for a workaround except to fresh install every time I use Spotify, which would get tedious quick. I hope that Spotify can rectify this issue or I will be forced to look for an alternative streaming service, hopefully with a better android app.

1 Reply

Same problem here. Such an annoying bug

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