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Spotify controls not appearing in notification bar


Spotify controls not appearing in notification bar

I have a Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0.1 and Spotify version 


Like the title says, "previous, pause/play, next" functionality as well as the album art are all missing from the notification bar on both home and lock screens. All Spotify notifications are gone other than when it's syncing music to a playlist.There's no indication that Spotify is even playing in the background other than the actual music.


I've made sure that notifications are allowed, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the problem went away for about a week. I need a permanent fix.

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Update to 6.5 version, problem hasn't happened since I did

6.5 fixed the issue and it looks like it also resolved the audio issue in Android auto

I stil have the issue with 6.5 but I accidentally found a fix/wordaround. When I have this issue I can do this:


- close all apps,

- plug my Galaxy 7 in my Samsung Gear VR

- unplug it

- start spottify : the widget is back.


Pluging/unpluging the Gear VR must reset something in android OS, so this might be an android issue, not a spotify issue.



I guess that won't work for those of us without Gear VR.  I haven't tried the update yet.  don't want to bother till i know for sure it will be fine.  Tired of messing with Spotify at the moment.

I'm still seeing the same issues with the 6.5 update.

Same here. This is getting a r ridiculous.

First jump from Apple to Android in many years. Figured I'd check out Spotify and I have to deal with this type of **bleep**?

Update: turns out 6.5 did NOT fix the problem completely, it just happens less often now. So the only true fix continues to be downgrading to 6.2. Use, other websites can be sketchy.

6.5 is not the fix. It worked the first few days but the notifications are as bad as ever. Audio is also broken in Android Auto.

I'm having the same issue. I have found that when I play music on my computer, the controls appear on my phone but not when I am listening through my phone. This is especially annoying when I'm driving because my car controls do not work. I have tried rebooting and doing a clean reinstall

Same issue

Found that killing the app temporarly fixes the issue.

That solved the issue too.


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Same issue for me and 6.2.0 doesn't fix.
Still same 😞

You sure? Did you unistall spotify before downloading the 6.2? Also turn off automatic upgrade, otherwise it will automaticly turn into 6.5. Check the version in settings in the spotify-app. Try again and keep your fingers crossed is my best advice, it worked fine for me.

Yes im sure, im doing your way.
But still doesn't fix.
It's **bleep**ing Bull**bleep**, what the **bleep** are you doing Spotify?

Have a Google Pixel on 7.1 and have been having this issue until today when I noticed the notification and lock screen controls look completely different. No app updates or Android updates have been downloaded. See screenshots below:


Seems to be working fine now and my bluetooth controls in my car are working again!

Weird, same for me, on the 6.2 version. Hesitating to update though.

I recently got a new phone (HTC 10) and I also got similar issues than the rest of you. I use my LG G-Watch R a lot to control spotify but the controls don't work anymore.


- I can press play once from the watch and the music starts but I cannot pause or skip tracks.

- Music doesn't stop when headset is disconnected (via 3,5mm plug)


Phone android version: 6.0.1

Software number: 1.95.401.4

Android wear version:

Spotify version: armV7


Also the Spotify app on lock screen doesn't look anything like the linked image in one of the previous posts.

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