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Spotify crashes at random on LG G3 S

Spotify crashes at random on LG G3 S

Hello there,


I'm having a bit of a problem with my spotify application. Since I updated my LG G3 S to the newest android software (android 5) spotify caused some problems. Every time I listen my music and try to multitask with other apps Spotify crashes and I have to reopen the app, recreate my queue... It's starting to get really annoying.


I tried something myself and I noticed that when I was using WiFi the problem occured the most. But even without my wifi turned on I'm having the same problems.


Some details:

Spotify Version:

Phone: LG G3 S (also known as LG G3 Beat)

OS: Android (5.0.2)


Hope anybody can help!




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Hey @Stijntjeleijten! Welcome to the community ^^


That sounds not good.

Do you've tried to reinstall your app ?

That solved the issue in the most cases.

Here's a quick tutorial for a clean reinstallation.^^



Yeah of course I did. Many times... Also I installed updates for the app. as soon as possible. I'm totally running out of options. Thanks in advance!

Hey @Stijntjeleijten

I searched a little bit trough the boards and i found a possible solution.

The SD-Card may be cause the crashes.

I think you need to reformate your SD-Card this solved the issue for the most users. ^^


I hope it helped. ^^


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