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Spotify does't recognize desktop device

Spotify does't recognize desktop device







Oppo Find X3 Lite

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Windows 10


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Hello everyone. my phone when Spotify is opened, while this is also running on the PC, it does not recognize and connect to what is being played, basically it's like I have two different accounts. The problem is also reflected on, where scrobbling is recognized by the phone but not by the PC. Please fix this, the versions are: Spotify for Windows Phone version:
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I have exactly the same issue. I think it started with the latest 2 versions of the Android app. Today it was updated to version: without any fix for this problem.

Ah, such a relief to see I'm not alone!  Today I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the issue is.  For me it started when I accidentally joined a group session with my wife on my spotify app on my phone and then noticed that the "end session" or "leave session" option wasn't available.  After closing the app and starting again, I now no longer can see the desktop app and its like my own account is now split onto 2 devices which can play completely independently of each other, which Spotify certainly doesn't want, and its inconvenient for me too as now I can't control my desktop music from my phone.   Windows 10 and a Samsung Note 10+  are my devices in case its worth mentioning, premium family account.  


I've tried a clean install on my phone twice, restarted my Wifi, plugging my phone directly into the PC, restarted both devices multiple times, logging out of all devices from the account page on desktop...  no matter what I do I now appear to be stuck for the time being with a fully functioning 'double' account that can play independently on another device.  Looking forward to hearing from the Spotify team to hear if they are aware of this issue yet.



I've discovered it may not be the android app, but the desktop app instead.  If I open a web spotify player in a browser tab (with the same account sign in as the desktop app) it also functions independently from the desktop app, and I can play 2 songs at once on the same PC which is kind of crazy.  But my phone app SEES the web app.  So this tells me its likely the desktop app, since the web app and phone app play properly together and behave as expected.  So a temporary workaround is to use the browser based web player for now instead of the desktop app, and wait for them to fix the sync issue with the windows desktop app.  There is another similar thread blowing up over in the windows desktop thread, so I think its the same issue.      


Nice catch @Stoneseeker
I can confirm the issue surfaces with the Desktop Windows app, as with the web (browser) Spotify app, everything work fine and the Android app *IS* able to see the song playing, etc.

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