Spotify for Android TV freezes and crashes after few songs (Sony Android TV)


Spotify for Android TV freezes and crashes after few songs (Sony Android TV)





Czech Republic (Central Europe; not Russia)


(Sony KDL-50W756C)

Operating System

(Android 7.0, didn't work on 6.0 either)

Spotify for TV version

1.29; 1.24; 1.21


My Question or Issue


To be honest I realize I create a duplicity as I found many complaints about this issue on Spotify Community already, however there was still no solution made from Spotify side and it's starting to be ridiculous. And more than that. TV is a media center of my flat and whole Spotify is basically unusable for me for several months. And I guess it's very similar for many others affected. It's so frustrating.


Symptoms were mentioned already so I will repeat them:

After few songs of playing (and sometimes even during the first song) the screen gets frozen and time indicator of the song gets stucked. In this phase the application can't be controlled via remote controller already. I can switch the songs via app in my smartphone, but the screen on the TV is still frozen. Then some screen glitches appear on TV and whole app starts to disintegrate visually somehow. In this phase it's a matter of a few minutes and whole application crashes to TV launcher. Then I have to force quit the app manually in the Application settings to be able to start the app again.


It is happening for 4th months already. My workaround is to cast the songs via Android cast with noticeable loss of sound quality.


I was troubleshooting myself for hours and hours. Restarting, resetting, re-installing of TV and Spotify TV app. I've tried various different versions of Spotify app with no success. My TV received several system updates that didn't work and despite so I haven't found any indications saying that the issue is being investigated by developer team already or something like that.


Please address the issue to responsible team already and prove us that your Android app deserves at least those 2.5 stars rating on Google Play.


Many thanks for any reactions.