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Spotify freezing

Spotify freezing

Once or more a day (I have premium and all my songs are downloaded to my device) (fully updated Samsung Galaxy s8+) either at the beginning or anywhere during a don't Spotify freezes and just sits there. I can't skip the song or do anything I have to quit the application then open and repeat a few times till it is working again. Never had this issue till maybe 4-5 months ago.. It's really frustrating esp while driving. Anyone else having this problem?  

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With my Oukitel k6000 plus everything works fine. But reading a lot in the internet, even in the past months, is not a news that the S8+, sadly, has a bad ram management. There are a lot of common issue, like system freezing, game freezing eccetera. I'm not sure but this problem could be a poor internal ram management by your phone. Anyway I'm gonna ask some friends that have the same phone you have about that. I'll reply again on that topic so stay opened to other answers while you wait 🙂

Well the only issue I have is Spotify freezing. I've never come into any of my Games freezing but I'm not going to discount your theory cause I have no idea. 


More things that happen. If I quit the application and try to continue the song It happens again.  So when I reset I need to choose a new song all together. I can't click next or previous otherwise it just freezes

Mh, that's not good. Have you already do a clean installation of spotify app? Ye, sorry for the common question, bu just to be sure you've done it. Another thing that could cause the freeze of your app could be a strong power management system by the system on your phone. Can you please follow this step and reply if something changed?


Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode> In the Power Saving Mode settings disable the "Restrict background data" setting


If it's still not working after doing the above then disable Power Saving Mode entirely:

Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode

Settings > Battery > Detail > Spotify >Turned off

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