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Chromecast not available in "connect devices" on Android


Chromecast not available in "connect devices" on Android

My Chromecast does not appear in the list of devices to connect to on the Spotify Android app (Galaxy Samsung S7).  Other devices are listed (such as my PC).  I can cast from all other apps (such as Netflix) from that same phone.  I restarted everything (cast, router, phone...) and reinstalled Spotify (including removing all cached data)...

All versions are up to date...

And still... no way for Spotify App to display my Chromecast. I get bored, really.

It was working a week ago, it is broken now.

Any suggestion someone ?



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It's back work! Thanks what ever yall did!

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As the first to have posted the issue, maybe I can close it 😉 ?

Spotify support has confirmed me that the problem has been solved on their side.  No more details have been provided, but let's trust they have done the right things...  Spotify runs a complex service with many integrations with external parties: this is a daily engineering challenge.  They run a very innovative and flexible development process that is often cited as an example.  They (hopefully) solved this issue (that they probably created themselves... **bleep** happens) rapidely (yes, even if we often feel frustrated to wait for our service to be back) (too many parenthesis in this sentence).  And that is important: it's OK if it fails, as long as you can rapidely fix it, unless if you work at SpaceX.  It's better when it never fails, but Murphy's law is around.

Enjoy your day!

(PS: I have no shares in Spotify... just my opinion)



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Exactly the same issue here on my Xiaomi MI6. I am able to find my Chromecast device on many other applications like Bubble UPNP, Netflix, OCS but not Spotify. 

Restarted Chromecast, reinstalled Spotify, deleted cache and data, rebooted my mobile... always the same result, Chromecast not seen from the devices list. Same behaviour also from the Windows app.




I am tired of all these stupid bugs...

Always having something broken whenever there is an update

edit: I tried using web browser, the app can detect it fine. Chromecast still no where to be found

Same problem since this morning with my phone. My chromecasts audio work with any app but Spotify. My father's phone still works fine though.


I've tried rebooting and reinstalling everything, including restoring an old backup of the Spotify app, but the chromecasts still don't show up.

#MeToo. Tried restarting everything, Chromecast Audio connectable via all other apps in Android, etc. I do all of my home listening using both my amp and my headphones (which the phone won't power) through the Chromecast so this has basically left me without music for my premium subscription fee. Not impressed, please fix quickly!

Same here on my Oneplus 5T. Can't find my chromecast in Spotify, while it is available in other apps. 

Same problem here. Something for Spotify to resolve or Google?

I'm on a pixel 2 and only way i got spotify to cast was by "google home-ing" it. Even then, i have 0 volume control with the volume buttons, volume can only be changed in the google home app.Which doesn't really make it any easier....


Meanwhile the app works fine on the smart tv via spotify connect, but i hard used the TV for music. 


Did as suggest, unlinked / linked, reinstalled...  this was working normally last week...

Please get this fixed guys its super annoying. thanks.

Same problem here. I took an update this morning and now chromecast audio no longer works with Spotify premium. Cannot see speaker in "device available" list. Not an issue with Chromecast as I can cast using other apps

I'm also facing the same issue. I am capable of have a little control via the Google Home-app though but streaming music trough that makes the connection somewhat crappy.


So GET THIS FIXED in a hurry please.

Grrr I've been trying everything to get this to work for the last 30 minutes: Restarted spotify app 5 times, rebooted my Oneplus 5, restarted my Chromecast Audio but nothing works.

Hope to get a new update that fixes this soon. Right now my Spotify subscription is useless. 

Same problem here. Spotify can't seem to be able to discover my Chromecast on the network. Please, we need an update ASAP. 


Me too.. Pixel 1

I have the same prolem with my samsung s7 edge and even frome my pc with webbspotify in gogglechrome it dosent work.


Same here with my oneplus one.. everything was perfect this morning but now it doesn't seem to be able to find my chromecast.. it does find the laptop.. all other apps seem to be able to find the chromecast.. would be great if this would get fixed.

Hello everyone!

I recently have a Problem with Spotify ans my Chromecast Audio. I can't Connect to my Chromecast eventhough it works (i proofed it by connecting another App Like Tune-in to it). I have a Teufel Raumfeld connecter to which I can Stream without a problem. Is it possible that Spotify ist showing me only one Wireless speaker at a time? I hope you can help me so can use my chromecast.



Me to . A l'aide s'il vous plait

Are Spotify aware of this issue? Are anyone from Spotify reading this?

Yup, that last update completely killed off Chromecast ability. Tried all of the above and then came here.

A buggy app at best but now useless.


Exact same problem here on my Huawei P9. Every app except Spotify sees my Chromecast Audio without any problem.

Restarted moden, router, Chromecast and phone multiple times. 

Really hope this is fixed soon. 

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