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Spotify ignores proxy settings

Spotify ignores proxy settings


Premium (Family)






Sony E5823 (Xperia Z5 Compact)


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Android 7.1.1


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After installing a firewall and a Web proxy on my home LAN to try and protect my children from **bleep** and abuse on the Web, Spotify on Android has ceased to work. The desktop version offers to set the proxy manually, and works with those settings.

But Spotify for Android ignores the system proxy settings, and offers no option to set it in the app. When Spotify is started, it shows the error message "no internet connection". The "idea" to implement proper proxy support on mobile versions of Spotify is not new, but it has been closed a few months ago, the second time already, for lack of support. The first time the idea came up was more than 4 years ago.


I can't believe that this basic feature is not available. Is nobody else trying to limit internet access for their children?


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Hey @mwilck.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Spotify requires unrestricted internet access in order to work. Feel free to vote and comment in the idea you found. Even if an idea is inactive as of now, it might change in the future depending on how popular it becomes.


Hope this clarifies some things. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hi Guido,


thanks for your reply.


as I already mentioned in the first post, my firewall settings are such that Spotify does work - on the desktop,  if the proxy settings are made. What I'm complaining about is that the Android client doesn't have the same functionality. Web proxies are not precisely a new technology.


Wrt voting, sure, I already voted for that old idea.


I'm just surprised that so few people seem to be interested in an important security feature like this. It's interesting to see that the current top-voted "idea" is banning Alex Jones. People who want to save their children from reading Jones' rants might also be interested in installing an effective web filter, no? But they can't if they want to use Spotify on their mobile phones...



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