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Spotify keeps stoppin gon Android LG G5

Spotify keeps stoppin gon Android LG G5






LG G5 phone

Operating System

Android v.7.0 - V20r-234-10, Patch level 1 April 2018

Spotify version

 v. armV7


My Question or Issue

over the last couple of months or so, Spotify randomly stops playback while my phone's locked. This is super annoying when I'm cycling with hard wired headphones or through my bluetooth speaker. The issue doesn't happen on my Windows 7 & 10 laptops


I have a premium sub and play a lot of playlists off-line, so they're downloaded to my SD local storage. I did see suggestions of the issue being related to 'local' songs being sync'd to a downloaded playlist, but following a couple of posts suggestions, I deleted cache, re-installed app and downloaded a playlist with no local songs and the same thing happened. I check for any app updates periodically but nothing appears to have been released since the issue appeared


I'm guessing I'll need to wait for a Spotify app update

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Hey @Benjovial.


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Sounds like you're experiencing the same issue as explained on this thread. Check it out and add your vote if it's the case.


We've reported this to the right team and will update any news on that thread.


Keep us posted.

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