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Spotify loses shuffle place (offline mode)

Spotify loses shuffle place (offline mode)

Hi everyone.  Spotify premium user here with my first post.  I'm having a really infuriating issue here.  After watching Spotify absolutely chew up my data, I decided to download all songs for use in offline mode.  When I hit "Shuffle Play" which I like to use mostly, everything is fine.  Once I'm done listening and temporarily close down the app, when I open it back up later the song (and spot in the shuffled list) is gone and I have to RE-shuffle to start all over. 


On top of the shuffle algorithm annoying the heck out of me with constantly repeating songs, I now have to deal with this.  As a paid subscriber, these issues are really testing my patience.  Thanks for any Help.  Oh, I'm on a Verizon LG G2

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This is most likely the same issue as here:


But I'm not sure Spotify is aware of it and plans to fix it soon...

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