Spotify randomly plays music on its own


Spotify randomly plays music on its own

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Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android Pie/Android 10


My Question or Issue

Back in May 2019 I noticed Spotify would start randomly blasting music through my phone's speaker out of nowhere. Typically this will happen anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes after concluding playing Spotify via Bluetooth or in my car. On one occasion it happened after 2 hours of my phone being idle.
This has happened in extremely unacceptable situations such as in meetings at work but will happen continuously throughout the day after using the app. This bug has even happened after I closed the Spotify app, however only once.
I've double checked to ensure all of the below are
the case to ensure its not human error:
- Music is paused
- Phone screen will be off
- No one touching the phone
- No one else will have access to my Spotify account/playing music simultaneously somewhere else
- Spotify app is still on in the background of the phone (with the exception of the one time where it played even after the app was closed)
This issue went away sometime in June 2019, however has resurfaced as of early November 2019 and persists currently.
I've done a clean re-install of Spotify, logged
out and back in, and cleared all data and cache multiple times. I don't have this issue with any other apps or music players so it leans me to think this is an issue with the Spotify app. 
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!