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Spotify randomly stops playing


Spotify randomly stops playing

Anyone recognize this; When listening to music (playlist, radio of after a search) Spotify stops playing. Sometimes it plays for 10 song, sometimes 4, it's just random. The progress bar continues but there's no sound. When I try to fast forward by dragging the progress bar it simply jumps back to 0 seconds and starts counting again. When I perform a search this also isn't working. Also syncing doesn't work. Clearly, the latest Android app loses connection. All other apps that use internet don't stop working during the Spotify failure, I have a 60 Mbps connection so this can't be the problem. I get Spotify to work again by force-closing the app using the task manager on my Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 (ICS 4.0.4) and restarting the app. I mailed Spotify and hopefully they will do something about it. I am a € 10 paying customer so I expect them to do so. When reading through all the topics there are many more people having connection problems.

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In the end as there are multiple spotify users on my account, family premium plan, I ended up uninstalling spotify on the device (Sony Xperia Z5 Mobile) that I was having the issue with. Then cleared the cache fully on device with AVG Cleaner.

Afterwards and after a full phone power off and on I re-installed Spotify and all seems fine again


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I have the same problem. Not the sync-problem, unless you mean scrobbling to lastfm, 

but the sound dissapearing. I have a SonyEricsson X10.

At first I thought it only happened when changing song to or from a local file,

but that doesnt seem to be the case.

For me it doesn't help if I force-close it. I have to restart the phone.


I got a tip that an app called soundabout could solve the problem, but I just installed it so

I dont know if it works yet.

If it doesn't I hope that spotify can offer a downgrade to the previous version somehow.

If you want to downgrade to the previous version you can get it here:

I found that going into the app settings and clean cache and delete settings (don't know what it's called in your language but should be easy to find) will also solve the problem, for me that is uptill now anyway.


I mailed Spotify and they responded quite swiftly so hopefully it will change anything for the better.

I get this as well. I find force closing and re-opening the app makes it work again.

I get this all the time while listening to radio streams (Nexus 7, Jelly Bean). I just cleared my cache and settings. Let's see if this happens again.

I'm having the same issue...  Very annoying 

Hi. Can you give a bit more information please? What device, android version, spotify version and a description of what happens?

Hi, I have the same issue on is really annoying. I have to switch off and on a few times then its ok, would appreciate any help.

I have the same problem using my Android app to control my Onkyo 535 receiver (with the firmware update).  However, when I use my ethernet-connected desktop PC to control the Onkyo the problem doesn't seem to appear..  So, I think the problem is either in the Android app or the wireless connection between the phone and router. I haven't yet tried it with my laptop that connects with wireless.  That will provide some evidence of whether it's an Android app or wireless problem.

Yeah, I have the same issue -- Spotify randomly stopped playing on my Nexus 5 -- upgraded to Nexus 6P recently and it still happens albeit less frequently -- very annoying -- I turned off wiFi off while transiting on my way home thinking it was from trying to connect to hotspots -- nope -- I really like Spotify for its ease of use -- hope they solve this

Same Problem for me on my LG G3, since the update (when the green color change to the actual.

I have had the same problem. It will play from an album or playlist but not to the last track.

I have noticed it playing but no sound then stops at the end of the track. This is happening on my Samsung Galaxy S3, v4.3  The App is is version

I have also noticed it stopping playback midway through a song when played on my PC (windows 7)

I am subscribed as a premium member but if this is not fixed I will be cancelling my subscription.

Same problem since last week. I'm a premium user on a LG tablet (Android). Updates did not fix it. Can't believe the bug is still there.

I've been having this issue on my LG P-659 (yeah, barely a smartphone), and usually I can work around it by hitting either next track or previous track.  Also, it appears to only happen when there's at least a second or two of silence between tracks.  Unlike one of the others replying, I haven't had this happen on PS4, nor any other player type (I use the browser client a lot at home).

I think this issue has not been fixed with an update, so I guess I came up
with something that does the trick: just enable the crossfade option
turning it up to 1 second or more. This way, the next song is prepared
prior to the ending of the current one. Therefore, no chance is given for
the bug to appear.

I don't know if this has been suggested before. Have any of you tried this?

Just tried it - working so far. Thanks a ton!

I tried this and it seemed to help the first day, but day two and day three I'm once again having the issue. This has bug has been a problem for quite some time. Why are there no Spotify reps responding to this issue. I'm really disappointed that rdio no longer exists. Spotify is antiquated technology.

That has worked for me also. It's still a rather janky, duct-tape fix for so-called premium service!

Yes - and the other day the issue came back, even with the crossfade set.

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