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Spotify's Android Developers M.I.A.

Spotify's Android Developers M.I.A.

Over in the iOS forum there is interaction and feedback from some of Spotify's iOS developers (nevyn, Bengan and soho).

Here in the Android forum the developers are conspicuous by their absence.

  • Who are Spotify's Android developers?
  • Can they please introduce themselves here in the community?
  • Can they please take an active part in the community?


24 Replies

Since all the Support Reps. are busy with Facebook connection problems, it would be really good if someone from the Android development team could hang around this forum and answer some questions.

Yeah, this would be very nice. I would very much like to see some updates to the Android app soon. I'm debating whether or not to switch to Mog which seems to have a very nice Android app.

I am beginning to think that Android is the b@st@rd child in the cell phone development community. Can we get some assistance with the online/offline issues for Android 3.0+ please.

The developers aint even answering to this thread? Do they even exist?


My premium this months ends in two days, probably time to delete the payment method and look for another streaming service. Can't stand the lack of support and horrible customer service for the android app anymore.

Perhaps we need to get some new Android dev's.   in a bad way, I would say , fire them all (if there are any) and hire a new staff, and start from scratch.




Add to your blog that WE ARE WORKING on something? or even that we dont care about Android users.  either way, I would like to here the word Android comming from Spotify in some way!


Today, after a year or so of waiting for some kind of improvement to the insultingly bad Android app, I've cancelled my subscription. I'm quite angry about how I've been treated (as a second class citizen) despite using the worlds biggest mobile platform.


Goodbye Spotify. Maybe when you loose all your Android customers you'll understand that all you had to do was:


- Communicate

- Improve the app in line with other platforms.


It's not rocket science.

MOG has a great app, I left them for spotify because I like hey they link with my facebook!! At this point though I can honestly say I just downgraded my account with Spotify to not include the app since they don't give a rat's arse about Android users.  If this seems to be the case in the coming weeks, months just for their lack of customer service towards myself and others (I've been paying since you could get spotify in the US) I will leave Spotify all together and make sure everyone I know either leaves or downgrads, and trust me they will!


La calma è la virtù dei forti.

They are not M.I.A.  - they just don't give a **bleep**. There is no other explanation as to why a company the size of Spotify is ignoring this problem. 


To ass insult to injury, they sent someone here to post their "solution" telling us to uninstall, or to install to a different location. They stopped short of telling us to delete our cookies or to reset our cable modems. 


I could deal with a lousy app if this were a free product, but this is a paid product, and many of the mobile features are tied to the paid plans. At the very least, they should refund us several months, but the absolute least they need to do is tell us what the hell is going on instead of ignoring us. 

Well, I just had it with Spotify. Dont care about Facebook or whatever.....just want to be able to listen to music. Clearly that is not what Spotify is about anymore Man Mad

maybe we all need to contact respective tv 'consumer' programmes such as watchdog in the UK or similar in other countries. £10 a month is similar to what you would pay for broadband. If soo many customers were having problems, some sort of consumer programme would get involved.

The whole thing is so depressing. 


What gets me is /spotify is a great product. I have been a premium subscriber for ages and I have really evangelised about it to my friends family. But the way the Android app has gone, and more importantly the way Spotify have reacted on Get Satisfaction (and here) to legitimate gripes has just left a really, really sour taste in my mouth.

A month later and no resonse, guess that in itself is our answer. Glad I am only a day into my trial, not giving this company a dime.

Thing is Spotify the product is ace. It is just the app and their CS that suck. And it just seems such a waste to me....

How does the top kudos listing work? This was in the lead a couple of days ago. It's got 72 kudos overall but now is showing as only 19. The list must only be looking at something like the last 28 days.

I think it just counts the kudos given to the first post, not the overall kudos for the topic.

The first post has 31, though, while the top five view only shows 19.


But you're right, the others are showing their first post total. So why's this one dropped to 19?

Hmm, very strange! 

It looks like it might be to do with when the topic was started. Note that this is the oldest, and the first two posts have actual dates on them. All other posts in this and the other four threads show an estimated date like 'a month ago'.


Maybe the forum configuration was updated after this thread was started. If so there may be some clever logic going on, using the kudos on the first post (since the update), or a total for a recent time period if that also gets it into the top 5.

@Spyke wrote:

The first post has 31, though, while the top five view only shows 19.


But you're right, the others are showing their first post total. So why's this one dropped to 19?

Weird. I'm not entirely sure what could be happening with the Kudos - We're still figuring out this new community (it's technically still a "beta" for us). We'll take a little look. 

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