Spotify skipping / not playing random local files


Spotify skipping / not playing random local files







Xiaomi MI 9T


Operating System

Android 9 (1.19)


My Question or Issue

I've recently changed my device and on the new one I have a problem with playing local files (downloaded, both offline and online). Spotify doesn't play random tracks unless I click on the track few times, then it starts suddenly working fine.


If I try queuing whole playlist or shuffle play it skips random songs, but if I go back and forth - i.e. tap previous and next a few times or manually slide it starts playing the song it skipped previously and then may even randomly skip the song it played previously.


An example: Track 1 plays fine, track 2 is skipped, track 3 plays fine - I manually go back to play track 2 and it plays fine then track 3 is skipped and it goes directly to track 4.


The problem keeps reccuring and it happens to completely random songs synced / downloaded from my PC. On my old phone it worked normally. I've tried all of the solutions from FAQ, i.e. restarting, clean reinstall, clearing cache, etc. Google doesn't help either.


Both app and files are on the internal storage (no SD card slot), all permissions are granted. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?


I hope I wrote it in an understandable fashion.