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Spotify starts playing automatically when a bluetooth device is connected and phone makes a sound


Spotify starts playing automatically when a bluetooth device is connected and phone makes a sound







Samsung S9

Operating System

Android 11


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Whenever a bluetooth device is connected to my phone, Spotify automatically starts playing the last song it was paused on if my phone makes any "noise". If I recieve a Messanger message, it starts playing as soon as the "bing" sound is over. It starts playing automatically after I've hung up a call, etc.


I've disabled auto play, I've reinstalled the app and cleared cache.
Under "car view", both "Turn on automatically" and "Always on" is disabled.


I'm unsure what more I can do.

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Spotify Legend

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out here. We appreciate the feedback and have passed it on to our developers.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a solution for this at the moment because the way the app behaves when connected to Bluetooth devices, including car stereo systems, varies based on the device involved. These actions are a result of how the specific Bluetooth device is designed to interact with the Spotify API. However, we’re constantly optimizing our app, so this behavior might change in future updates.


For now, we recommend checking for possible firmware updates  for your devices and if that doesn't help - to reach out to the manufacturer for further help with the Bluetooth configuration. 


Thanks for your understanding.

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You can't really call them "well-intentioned" when it's been a problem for so long for so many people on so many different devices, and nothing is done about, just the same garbage vomited by "developers" from their script because they can't admit they don't know how to fix it.

Well, I am not a Spotify developer. I just wanted to help people to
understand the annoying behaviour of the app. I don't see why that is *not*
well intentioned.

My suggestion was called 'BS' by another user though. I find that a
disrespectful reaction.

But when this is the apparent culture in this forum, to just complain and
not value people who just try to be helpful, well, then I'm off. I've got
better things to do with my time.

I am having the same issue in 2023 with a Samsung S21 and  new Bose headphones. The only way to get it to stop is to delete the app. Why is taking years for Spotify to look into this! This is annoying!



Every time when I plugging headphones or connect with bluetooth headphones my spotify starts playing on that device. This is really irritating because I sometimes just want to make a phone call and want to keep the music on the device it is already on. 


How can I stop this switching between devices?






Suddenly, desktop Spotify immediately begins or resumes playback when a streaming device is chosen. I do not like this new behavior. It takes control away from the user. 

Clean install solved the problem.


Samsung A12

Urbanears Boo

When my phone connects to the car via Bluetooth, the loop starts automatically. It continues even if the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, so I have to deactivate it manually each time. Is there a way to get around this?

When I start my car, Spotify automatically begins playing, even when the app is closed. I pause it and close the app, then open Google Maps. However, if I adjust the volume, Spotify starts playing again. This is extremely frustrating, and I'm considering canceling my premium subscription because of it.

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