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Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device


Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device

Every now and then while listening to Spotify on my laptop, the Spotify app on my phone will launch and whatever song I was listening to will resume playing on there.  My phone is locked when this happens.  This is extremely annoying.


This started happening about 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if the problem lies with the Android app or desktop client.  Any idea why this is happening?


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Hey everyone, thanks for your patience with this.


If you're on the latest updates of the app this should be sorted for you since version 8.4.1.


If you're still having any trouble please confirm your app version and we'll continue to help. Thanks!


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145 Replies

I have seen the same issue a couple of times. I will be listening to music on my computer at work and then suddenly the music will stop playing through my headphones from the computer and start blasting from my phone's speaker. It's pretty embarassing and very annoying.

Having the same issue. Listening to Spotify on my laptop and it will randomly stop playing on the laptop app and start playing on my locked phone (Xperia Z). Very annoying. This happens without me touching any spotify controls on either device.


Noone else is using my account. Yes, I'm sure.

This has happened to me more than once over the past 2 weeks or so.  Often at work.  Super annoying!!

This started happening to me about two weeks ago and has been happening regularly nowadays. It's really embarrassing and frustrating. I've started listening through my android even when sitting by my computer at work just to avoid it happening.

Just happened again!  Desktop software and app are both up to date.

I had the same issue start happening yesterday.  Had my phone on my desk and was playing through my desk computer and then it stopped all on it's own and started coming out of my phone.  Just happened again a few minutes ago - what the **bleep**, spotify?

I have the same problem. Switches from a Windows 10 computer to a Galaxy S7 edge on Android 7.0. Sounds like it's an issue with the Android app which will probably take a while to fix since almost all companies put more resources into their iPhone apps than they do their Android apps. I've always liked Spotify connect and it's one of the main reasons I pay for premium but if it'll stop my phone hijacking the music all the time I'm going to disable it and probably get rid of premium.

Same issue here started about 2 weeks ago, and it seems to creep up at the wrong times like being at work. Hoping for a fix soon I love Spotify connect but would prefer to not be unemployed.  Sonos may be a good alternative together with services like Tidal that actually offer high fidelity streaming. 

Having the very same issue. Desktop Mac app playing at the office. All the sudden, my Android (Samsung Galaxy S7) will take over and play song.

From what I can tell, they are not even both playing the same thing...

Both apps are up-to-date.

This happened to me for the first time this weekend, and just happened again in work which was quite embarrassing. Have never had it happen before, but has now happened twice in four days. As it's just happened, I'll try and provide as much information as possible in case it helps fixing this issue.


Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina 2.2GHz i7/16GB/ 256GB.

MacOSX Sierra 10.12.4.



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F.

Android 7.0 NRD90M.G935FXXS1DQCE.

Spotify armV7.


Both devices connected via Wifi (WPA2) to the same network. No network dropouts at the time of the device shifting. The first time it happened was in a different location to the second time, though both times, both devices were connected to the same network at that time.

this is happening to me as well and is just killing my battery over time. i also noticed that if i hit 'next' on my phone it switches the song on my Win10 PC.

furthermore, is this just a place to vent about our issues with spotify or are they actually going to respond to someone and fix this?!

For direct support you can use the contact form or tweet @SpotifyCares.

After chatting with support for over an hour I got this response:


"It seems like the tech people is fully aware of the issue, and still working on it. We'll keep you updated on this through email (...) "

Yep, same here. Galaxy S7 on Nougat and Spotify on a Mac. Both updated to the latest versions. 

This keeps happening to me too, and has been since at least Christmas. It happens at least daily at work. Frankly I'm shocked that Spotify *still* haven't fixed it. 


It happens with multiple machines too and multiple OS - OSX 10.12.3 and Windows 10. Every time my S7 Edge somehome starts playback from the point of where the song was originally playing, and also then is able to control playback. 


Please fix this Spotify - it's obviously broken to the point where I'll take my money elsewhere.

I'm forced to keep my Nexus 6P in offline mode to stop this from happening.  Spotify's silence is telling.  Ignoring the problems means no problems, apparently.


Exact same thing happening - both on home desktop and work laptop, my phone randomly blasts out a tune. 


Happening to a few guys in the office too - needs a fix!

I've had it happen twice in the last 2 - 3 hours of listening.  Is there any way to escalate this issue?


I received an update from Spotify support and think they are trying to tell me that this is supposed to be fixed now, but I'm not sure...


Here is the email I received:

"We have been informed about your inquiry, and will take over from here.

Could we ask when you last reinstalled the Spotify app on both your devices? We are aware of this issue, and can see that it's supposed to be recently fixed. This is why we would need to know if you've performed a reinstalltion since then. 

If the same issue still occur once you've reinstalled Spotify, does it also happen if you try using the Webplayer, rather than the desktop app?

We look forward to your reply."

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