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Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device


Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device

Every now and then while listening to Spotify on my laptop, the Spotify app on my phone will launch and whatever song I was listening to will resume playing on there.  My phone is locked when this happens.  This is extremely annoying.


This started happening about 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if the problem lies with the Android app or desktop client.  Any idea why this is happening?

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the first time it happened i was at work and didn't feel like saying "ok google" out loud.  so when spotify started playing on it's own, i paused it from the notification area and then swiped it away.  then on my gs7 i held down the home key to bring up the google assistant, then typed the instruction "stop spotify" and that resolved the issue.


prior to that it happened and i stopped it, and thought wow that was weird, then around 15 mins later it happened again and i thought why would my phone be trying to play spotify over and over. and then i remember, before i came in to work on my drive in i used voiced to say ok google play spotify.  i guessed it was a bug becasue when i arrived at work i didn't actually pause or stop spotify i just unplugged it from my car (android auto) which usually stops it and went into work.





Thats interesting to know that it's happening to you on a pixel 2 XL.  I have two phones i switch my sim card between, an iphone 7 and galaxy s7.  the only reason i switch between the two is to compare and contrast features of ios and android, especially carplay and android auto.  


Anyway, i never experienced the problem on the iphone 7, but i did experience it on my gs7.  and like i said in a previous reply the next time your spotify starts playing randomly on it's own open the google and assistant and type the command "stop spotify"  that worked for me, i suspected that it was the google assistant that that kepy launching the app, becasue before it started happened i was using "ok google" commands to play spotify in my car through android auto.


i'm glad that you specified that it happned to you on your pixel 2 xl tho becasue i actually like android auto a lot more than carplay.  and as a result i started likeing android on the hold more than ios.  but i was experience more software bugs on the gs7 than the iphone.  This spotify one for example and another issue in youtube where no videos would display in the home tab.  anyway, my thinking was that the issues i was having was related to all the customizations samsung makes on top of android that naturally bugs would be more likely.  and so i was thinking i could sell the phone and put the money towards a new pixel too for that "vanilla" smooth and stable android, but in a way i'm glad you told me you were getting the error on your pixel as well.  makes me feel a bit better about my decision to just stick with teh gs7 i already have.  cus more than likely i would have invested in the pixel 2 hoping for a better app experience and be very disappointed if the same issue happened. 

seems to me it is a Spotify issue, not an android issue. Spotify needs to
fix their **bleep**.
My their streaming apps don't randomly start playing. Ie: iheartradio

Why is this thread marked as "solved"?


Have the issue of random start playing on my Pixel 2 XL several times per day.
Re-installed the app already, nothing changed. What is the solution to fix this problem?


I started the thread and marked it as solved when it was solved for me (IIRC, by a software update, not some other fix).


Obviously, there are many other users with this (or an extremely similar / indistinguishable) problem.


It may be worth starting another thread.

Seems to happen after I've used Android Auto, and for some reason it always plays Uptown Funk, which is far from ideal. 

My software is updated, and I'm at a loss for how to fix this.

When using Spotify in android auto did you give any “OK Google “ “play artist” commands? I find when I used android auto and give voice commands for some reason after I’ve disconnected and not in the car anymore Spotify would randomly start playing. I guessed it was tired to ok google. And to get it to stop I type into google assistant “stop Spotify” it works sometimes not 100% tho. Once I had to type stop Spotify 2 or 3 times before it would eventually stop starting automatically.

I’ve never had the issue on iOS tho and have since switched back to using iOS. I’m fortunately enough to have a android and iOS device to choose between.

100 percent after using voice commands. I am a bit **bleep** that I can't
make the switch to iOS easily.

Ha as someone switch between the too. Without a doubt the android auto version of Spotify is better. Except for this bug. The CarPlay is really lacking. Can’t even add a song to your library or start a station etc. And all the made for you playlist don’t show up in the CarPlay screen like android auto. I’ve found work arounds tho. Also unrelated to Spotify android auto is better because in CarPlay you can only use apples maps which is no where as good as google maps.

Thanks for the hint with Android´s really happen after using Android Auto 😞

It´s not really funny when Spotify start to play while I´m in a meeting..specially with playing Sepultura´s version of Orgasmatron on full volume on the Pixel 2 XL *LOL*

App Version is updated, Android Version is 8.1, tried to use "Stop Spotify" also via Google Assisant...didn´t solve the issue 😞

Have the same problem.:

  • Samsung GS7Edge
  • Spotify armV7
  • Android Auto v3.0.570554-release

I use Spotify on Android Auto about twice a day (projecting to my car's entertainment display, not using the phone screen).


I've observed two things, reasonable easily replicable:

  • When in Android Auto and while playing Spotify music, songs either reset or jump to the first song in the playlist when there is a network switch or drop. This happens both when I am in an area with bad 4G signal and in areas where it sees the xfinity WiFi network which I have in my saved (autoconnect) Wifi NW list. The music doesn't stutter because of buffering issues.
  • Then, especially after leaving the car and exiting Android Auto (however, I cannot prove there is a correllation!), Spotify will randomly start playing music on my phone. Phone is normally in a stable location close to the Wifi AP, and there are no network drops.

It is getting to the point that it's becoming so annoying I am considering uninstalling Spotify. PLEASE FIX. I'm a Premium (paid family plan) user.


The same here:

Spotify version:

OnePlus 5t with Android 8.0.0

Spotify started randomly playing different versions of the same song over and over again for me on Android Auto tonight while I was driving, really startled me when it happened the first time.  I'd paused it and then it just kept doing it, I'd hit the pause button and after a while it would start again.

I don't use Android Auto, I connect thru my Bluetooth. I use Media for audio textx when I get them, and as soon as I hit the Media button, Spotify starts to play whatever I had been listening to the last time.


This happens to me currently. When i listen on a pc, my app will start. Im running app version  OnePlus 3. Im not on wifi, i dont use spotify connect. 


When i close it it remains closed untill a new song starts, then it opens again.

Hello Meredith, 

It seems like this problem is still ongoing and you did say you would try to help... 🙂


I like most above, believe this maybe linked to Google Assistant/Android Auto, as this has happened to me on numerous nights/mornings where Little Mix randomly starts 2/3/4/5 am, and this is only ever asked for by my daughter when we are in the car via Google Assistant/Android Auto during the afternoon. Even if the last song(s) playing weren't Little Mix, that is what is played.


Version - armV7

Phone - Samsung Note 8

Android version - 7.1.1



Samsung Galaxy s8+, current OS,spot up to date.


For 2 days when playing my metal/rock playlist Brooks & Dunn will come on and it's one specific album. I've checked 3 times and they are NOT on that playlist. I even removed that specific(steers & stripes) off my country playlist.


It's getting annoying because when I hit skip to next track it's another Brooks & Dunn song off of the SAME album. 


Oh this is also while using bluetooth audio on my radio in my car via the app on my phone.


 Also don't use google to control spot or Android audio


please tell me how to stop this i cant find the fix for this.......


everytime i decline a call the music starts on my G3 watch

help please

Agreed.  This seems to happen on my Samsung Galaxy S7 after playing music via Android Auto.  The song I first played via Android Auto plays at random on my phone until I Force Stop the Spotify app.

I have the Spotify Android app version armV7.


Since this last update, each time I open music on my laptop to listen to it, the app on the phone opens up.  The music still plays on my laptop but I don't want the app to open up on my cell phone. I'm not using the cell phone to listen to it.


I tried to shut off the app (for close) on my cell but it keeps re-opening as long as I am listening to music on my computer. It should not open unless I open it.


Would be great if this could be fixed.

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