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Spotify starts playing randomly on my locked android

Spotify starts playing randomly on my locked android








OnePlus 6


Operating System

OxygenOs 9.0.3


My Question or Issue

My phone starts playing seemingly random songs (not from my playlists) even when it's locked and I'm not playing it myself from another source. I know I'm the only one using my account, as I've logged out from my account on all devices and changed password many times. It also stops playing when I slide it away from my notification bar, so there's no one else pranking me.


This is very embarrassing since I have no control over it and it can start playing at any moment. It has happened twice now, in the span of 2 weeks, and it seems that it's related to Google Chromecast. Both times it happened, I used Chromecast and then after a while Spotify starts playing by itself, even when Chromecast is turned off and my wifi is turned off. Both times it happened close after I stopped using Chromecast. 

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User Zachviolin describes the exact same issue as you, he posted under the Android tag one week ago. He also has your Oneplus 6. I wonder if it's related to that phone and OS.


I'd recommend initiating a support chat to tell them what's happening and mention the other post to this forum. They might take your bug report and report it to the dev team.

Thanks, I see you also had the issue and that it's related to something which plays Spotify from the phone like a Chromecast or Sonos. I hope we find a solution to it 

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