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Spotify stops playing when used parallel with gpslogger

Spotify stops playing when used parallel with gpslogger

I use the app quite a lot, when i use this app, sometimes spotify stops and resets(crashes), on the other end, the gpslogger sometimes stops tracking and the written gpx log is cut of.


There seems to be some card access conflicting between spotify and gpslogger. When spotify is "exited" the problem remains and gpslogger has issues until the reboot of the smartphone. Then everything is fine until spotify is started once.


Smartphone is huawaii y300 android 4.2.

2 Replies

Such conflicts are going to be tough to resolve I'm afraid. Is there another app you could try instead of GPS logger? Does GPS logger have notifications and does turning them off make any difference?

Thats the one app which fits my needs.


The app has notifications because otherwise it would be killed by android just like the spotify app would when in the background without notifications.


Maybe one point: I listen to the music offline, so i guess it has something to do with read/write access to the sd card.

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