Spotify won't connect to Google Nest speaker

Spotify won't connect to Google Nest speaker






Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Nest Speaker

Operating System

Android 12 and One UI 4


My Question or Issue

I select my Google Nest Speaker in the connected devices. The Nest Speaker plays the "connected" chime sound however Spotify sits at "Connecting..." and the music doesn't play on the speaker.


This happens a few times per week. I have tried force closing the app, clearing cache, disconnecting from WiFi and reconnecting, and clean reinstall but it keeps happening.


Does anyone know of a permanent fix?

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Hey @jaydee77ca,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


We appreciate the time you’ve taken to try to solve the issue and for mentioning the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried so far.


As you mentioned that a clean reinstall was already done, make sure you’ve followed the steps listed on this article. If that doesn't do the trick, let us know if this happens using another device connected to your Google Nest or if it just happens with that device. If so, include the brand, the OS version and Spotify app version you’re currently running on your device in your next response.


Also, it would be great if you could test it with a different WiFi network or mobile data so see if it happens as well.


We'll be waiting for your response.


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I have the same issue. Also Samsung S20, same OS, done all the same trouble shooting steps plus the suggested cache clear/clean install of Spotify on the phone, switched networks, no luck. My significant other's iPhone connects just fine.


I have a few Google Nest Audio speakers, a Harman Kardon Citation 100, a Spotify Connect enabled Sony receiver (DN-1080) and LG C1 TV. This issue has started happening the last few weeks, not just once in a while but every time I try to connect. Happens with all the speakers with Chromecast built in (all the Google Nest Audios & the Citation 100), but no problem connecting to the receiver or TV. 


Hey folks,

Thanks for your posts here.

Fist off, I'd like to ask you to confirm if this is still occurring for you, or it was an intermittent connectivity situation. If it's still present I have couple more suggestions for you:

Maybe a bit radical, but I'd go for a full factory reset on the speakers, and also make sure they are forgotten in the Home app on your devices. The try to reconnect everything anew.

@bjornrj, since you mention that it works on a different phone, it might be a device-related issue, so if you can get another friend or family member with a different Android phone to try it out again, if it works for you with their device. If yes, then this is most probably coming from the particular device itself and it'd be best to contact the manufacturer. 

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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Having the exact same issue. The speaker makes the chime sound that it’s connected, but the app shows ‘connecting’ for ages then gives up. It still plays music if I ask it by voice, but then I can’t change any of the songs via my iPhone app. It literally refuses to play anything other than what I ask it to by voice. 

To clarify, I’m on iPhone and I’ve tried every single one of your suggestions. 

I am having the same issue. Starting Spotify via Google Home on a Nest speaker/chromecast/hub works 1/20 times. Doesnt matter if I acticate via Google Home voice, or cast via Spotify app. 

I am having the exact same issues.

Google Nest Audio and Google Pixel 4a.

I can rarely make Spotify connect to the speaker succefully. Though I don't have any exact date, my observation is that this started to break in June or early July . Before that it was working flawlessly. 

After clearing cache and storage for the Spotify app on Android I am able to connect every time to my Nest Audio. So, definitely an issue with the Spotify for Android app. 

Got the same problem since this afternoon. Spotify will no longer connect to speaker groups or single speaker like Google Nest or Google Audio. Other apps will work fine. 

And I have issues again, reinstalling the app does not help. Other users on the same network can connect to the speaker without any issues.


Additionally I tried reinstalling the Google Home app but that didn't help either...


Happy to take logs or whatever needed to get this sorted out. 

Hi, I'm having the same issue for a couple of weeks now: when I want to stream Spotify stream to one of my Google devices (Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Nest mini) it works 1 out of 20 times. It does not matter from which device I start the stream: Xiaomi Tab 5 / Pixel 4a / Pixel 3a via App or from Nest Hub 2 / Nest mini via Google Assistant. Speaker makes the chime sound but either the Spotify App keeps "connecting" forever or Assistant tells me that an error occurred. Streaming from any other app works perfectly fine (e.g. from Google podcasts). Also streaming to a non Google device (Denon av receiver via DLNA) works. I also rebooted all of my devices, disconnected them from wifi but nothing helped.


In my opinion this seems to be a problem that is restricted to Spotify in combination with the Google streaming protocol. Since it was not helpful for many others here I really don't feel like factory resetting all of my devices and connecting the to Google home again (incl. Setting up all the scenes again..).


It would be really nice if you investigate this issue since I guess that streaming Spotify via Google protocol is a key function to most Spotify users..



This is exactly the same behaviour as I am experiencing,  and mentioned before.

I think our issues are identical, so please look into this. 



I am now on Android 13 with Spotify Version and Google Play Update 1 July 2022, and I am experiencing this issue less. For the last couple of days it has been working flawlessy (as expected). Way too many software versions has changed since I last reported but my feeling is that it became more stable with Android 13. 

I too have this exact same issue.. only on androids. 

Please fix the app Spotify..  






iPhone XS Max 

Operating System





My Question or Issue

Been having issues since yesterday with connecting my iPhone to the Interga home system setup, never had this issue previously. Using Google Cast in the Spotify app to try connect and it just gets stuck on 'Connecting..' and does not proceed to connect or play anything. Spoken now with various people on their live chat and tried all their tips on my end to no luck, I noticed someone else on the forums posting the same problem yesterday so starting to wonder if it is Spotify's end.. Has anyone else been having this issue lately?

Hey there,


Thanks for the replies.


Could you check the solution proposed in this thread and let us know if it worked out for you?


Keep us posted,





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Still having the same issues. Has not improved one bit.


I have noticed that if you access media via the Google Home app, Spotify is not showing media even though you are playing music on the same phone. It says the speaker is selected. In this case I have started Spotify connect to the selected speaker. But it never connects. 





Same issue here. Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. uninstalled and reinstalled everything, wiped cahce, cleared all data, cleared phone's cache partitions, all apps and firmware of everyting is up to date, all kinds of things and still no change. It just stopped working a number of weeks ago. I have 14 Google speakers across my house and Spotify won't connect to any individual speakers or groups. It makes the sound that it's connecting and never does, it just times out. While I don't work for Spotify, I am in IT and have tried every technical fix I can possibly think of that 'could' be the issue, and nothing has worked to fix this. Amazon Music and Pandora connect fine to individual speakers and groups. I believe I remember this happening several years ago with Spotify and there was eventually an update that was pushed out that corrected the issue. Hoping the same will happen here sooner than later. 

Identical issue. Pandora works fine.

Pixel 3, Android 12

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