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Spotify won't work on Android Auto wireless

Spotify won't work on Android Auto wireless


Plan Premium

Country Ireland


Device Oneplus 7t

Operating System Android 10


My Question or Issue

I just got a new car, Hyundai i20 2021 version, which has wireless Android Auto.  Unfortunately Spotify won't work.  I can open it and select a track but nothing plays, even if the track is downloaded to the phone.  I have tried various solutions such as clearing the cache, rebooting the phone, reinstalling Spotify, removing optimisation for Spotify but nothing works. Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks.

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I've worked out that this is because my phone is connected to the car Wi-Fi and Spotify is trying to access the internet through this but it does not have internet access.  Blocking Spotify from accessing Wi-Fi solved this but i need to figure out a way of blocking only the car Wi-Fi.

Just turn off your phone wifi and leave phone network on 

The whole point is to connect to Android Auto wirelessly, switching off Wi-Fi prevents this.

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