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Android battery drain

Android battery drain






Asus Zenfone 6

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Android 11


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Spotify battery consumption is really abnormal. It's been like this forever on multiple phones and Android versions. I have reinstalled multiple times. 

My normal music player for local field uses ~1% per hour. Spotify is using at least 10 times that.

I have offline mode on, downloaded the songs and limited usage of Spotify connect as you can see in the settings. It's still using draining my battery. So it has something to do with the playback or other unrelated features to streaming. 


I can help you guys debug but this has to stop.

I'm seriously considering canceling my premium account because the app basically removes at least half a day of battery. 


See attached logs for settings and battery stats. 

The major slope in of the curve was turning on Spotify this morning when phone was in battery saver. 



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Hey there @Julbocken,


Thank you for your post here in the Community. We're sorry to hear about this.


Can you try the following if you haven't all ready:

  1.  Mobile Settings> Apps> Spotify> Permissions. Allow everything you see there.
  2. Mobile settings> Apps> Spotify> Battery> Optimize battery usage> select top All (not optimized for apps)> Spotify> turn on.
  3. Last step - restart the phone.

If that doesn't do the trick - can you perform a clean reinstall of the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this. Also - If you have an SD card we suggest that you uninstall the app > turn off your phone > take out your SD card > turn on the phone again (without the SD card) > reinstall the app.


We also suggest that you double check so that you have the latest OS version and that the Spotify app is up to date


Keep us posted. We're always one reply away.



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I can accept that Spotify has permission to use the storage. That's fine. But my camera, contacts and microphone should not be needed to play music. Optimized battery is already on. I use my internal storage for storing my downloaded playslists (right now around 16GB). Since I have my mp3 collection on my SD card I would rather not starting the phone without it since it will clear all my local playslists. Is there no better way of debugging this? It should be fairly simple for you guys to measure what's actually using the battery in your own application?

Hi again @Julbocken


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Keep in mind that restarting your phone without your SD card can help us take a better look at what might be causing this issue.


Also, could you let us know if the same thing happens when you turn off the Offline Mode? 


Keep us posted. We'll see what we can suggest.

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