Spotify wont pause songs

Spotify wont pause songs








Galaxy J8

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

When i'm listening to spotify and i want to hear an audio on whatsapp, spotify will lower the volume but won't pause the song, making it very hard to hear the audio.

Is there an option that 'im missing to make the song pause or i'll have to live with it? 

PS: Every other audio source, calls, instagram audios, etc, will pause the song, just whatsapp audios won't.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues!

This sounds pretty strange, could you check if both apps are up to date? Sounds like there is a communication error between the two platforms. Are you able to pause the song manually before you listen to media on WhatsApp, or does it just start playing again?

Let me know, I'll see if I can come up with something to help 🙂

Both are updated. I have to go to spotify, pause and play the whatsapp audio, then go back to spotify and hit play again, everytime.
If i dont pause it, spotify lowers song's volume, but wont pause, making it hard to hear the audio.

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