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Storage switching to internal storage after ever restart.

Storage switching to internal storage after ever restart.

Spotify downloaded songs redownload on to internal storage after ever restart. I believe this is due to a delay in mounting the sd card on the device. This issue has been going on for years judging by this forum with out ever having a satisfactory answer or solution by spotify. Seriously fix this issue it is service breaking. I really like spotify but I will have cancel my subscription and go somewhere else as this does not work for me.




Galaxy s10

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Hey there @Clayharding,


Thanks for reaching out to us!  


Just to confirm, have you tried the following steps:


  1. Enable permission for storage option for Spotify. This can be accessed by going to Settings>Apps>Spotify>Permissions>Storage.
  2. Do a clean reinstall as explained here. 

We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies!

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately a clean Install does not seem to solve the problem I have tried the suggested steps several times. The only thing  that seems to work at all is enabling developer options and forcing the app to Install on the sd card. This prevents spotify from starting before the sd is mounted. However this solution is in no way ideal as now spotify doesnt behave properly with google assistant or lock screen controls.

Hey @Clayharding,

Thanks for getting back to us and for trying out those steps.

This is likely related to an ongoing issue which we're stil looking into, but which we don't currently have a timeline for a fix for.

Make sure to head over here - we'll keep you posted on any updates on our end.


I'm sorry ongoing issue? 

I'm seeing threads going back to 2016 regarding this topic. And now my device started doing the same...


Switching to internal storage every day now. It was pretty funny for the first 38 times when you're day can only be saved by listening to some of you favorite tunes but Spotify deletes everything instead and starts downloading internal again, but now this joke is a bit old. This is rendering the app useless for me. Not to mention my recent purchase of a 256 gig SD for this exact purpose.

I love this app, but a 3 year ongoing issue is not acceptable on the current level of Spotify.


I tried all I could find on the forums.

1. All permissions granted for the app. 

2. Clean install done multiple times

3. My SD is set up separately from the internal storage (not merged with Android)

4. Offline devices deleted from my Spotify account

And still it will switch to internal, wont see the SD anymore, and register two offline devices for me.


I'm sorry but I'm desperate now. Maybe if there is another complain about this problem than developers will take this "ongoing issue" more seriously.

After using the app for so long, and converting so many of my friends and family to use the app I feel cheated.


I got the same problem ever since i updated my phone

I did the same things as you but the problem always persisted

Looks like the issue is solved.

But I cannot pinpoint how because a lot changed at the same time.


At first I would like to apologize for the Moderator. I was ready to brake my phone in half.


So I leave this here, maybe it will help for someone, but again I don’t know which change brought the result.


What I did.

  1. Complete clean removal of Spotify. All data deleted.
  2. Powered off my phone for 10 min to be sure
  3. Removed all devices on my Spotify web account
  4. Sourced a brand new SD card, that I installed.
  5. Fired up, installed Spotify and started downloading to SD.
  6. I downloaded more onto the SDcard than the free storage I had on the phone. So it cannot put it there even if it tries  (not to scientific but at that point I did not care)
  7. The next day my phone found an Android SW update. I installed it.


I don’t wanna jinx it but all my music is on the SD for two weeks now.

So to sum it up, what was new this time, is a new SD and Android update and the “overloaded” SDcard. No idea which did the fix. Probably the SW update.


I’m really happy that I can use Spotify again, but also scared to death every time I fire it up, fearing that it will show a download progress bar again. I need some time to recover from these..


To all fellow users… there is hope yet!

I've tried all these things. My problem is not solved. It reverts back to internal storage on almost every reboot. I can't believe this is an ongoing issue since 2016 and 4 years later we are still encountering it! Tell your devs to prioritize this issue!!! I pay $15 a month for this service and about to cancel and switch to something else.


I have a galaxy note 9 on Verizon's latest Android software.

This issue is not fix yet, I'm currently experiencing this problem, I purchased 128gb sdcard just for spotify data, and now it still redownloading again and again

Same problem here! Still changing to internal memory on every restart. As a developer I can't believe that a problem like that could take more than one week to solve. Almost giving up of spotify because of this.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts. We're happy to continue assist you. 


Can you confirm if your SD card has at least 1GB free space and if you followed the troubleshooting steps that's been provided in the thread?


Keep us posted. We'll have an eye out for your replies.



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Yes I have more than 1gb of free space in sd card, I also follow the step.
Pls fix the issue

Hey @christiandy_16,


Thanks for getting back to us.


Can you remove the SD card, install Spotify and then try running the app without the SD? Are there any changes?


If you have another SD card, you can try with it. Does the issue persist?


Keep us posted! If you have questions, you know where to find us.




Ver Moderator
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I already try that approach and still nothing change, the issue is when I
turn off my phone then after opening it. All downloaded songs are gone. The
issue is when my sd card as a storage, but when phone storage it is okey.

Hi there @christiandy_16,


Thanks for the info.


If the songs remain available when saved to the device's internal memory, there might be an issue with the SD card itself. We recommend checking the card for any errors and maybe formatting it as external storage. (Note that you should backup all your data from the card if you decide to do so). If the card is formatted by the phone itself as an internal storage, then the Android system will automatically choose to save the Spotify song cache on the phone's internal storage with priority over the card.


It's also worth checking if there are any cache clearing apps active on your phone and disable them.


Hope this helps.



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How many times to people have to tell you what is wrong for you to realise it is NOT due to the sd card...? It's spotify starting before the sd card is mounted by the phone. You need to implement a 'verify downloads cache" function to re-detect downloads after a restart OR force delay spotify's startup after phone restart, allowing the sd card time to mount. 



Fix. Your. App!


Stop. Wasting. My. Data!





^this. Add a simple check or delay. Even a first year student could do it. I'm so sick of this issue which is a joke for a 15.99€/month premium service

I might have found a way around this issue.

First I cleaned all data and uninstalled the app as recommended.
After installing again and configuring Spotify to use the SD Card I have downloaded a playlist with 50 songs (not much, but enough to have time to see what Spotify is doing).
It downloaded correctly to the SD Card, then I restarted the phone and Spotify started downloading all over again to the Internal Storage, I waited for it to complete, then I went to the storage config of Spotify and changed again to SD Card. It copied all data to the SD Card.
After this process I have restarted the phone again and it retained the storage configuration and didn't try to download to the Internal Storage.

Time will tell if it really "fixes" the issue or if it was just a lucky coincidence.

Unfortunately the workaround I have described above doesn't work consistently.
It is downloading 10,000+ songs for the 3rd time in 5 days. This will get even worse once Spotify releases HiFi plans.
Spotify engineers don't seem to be capable enough... You should consider hiring some Android developers from TIDAL. Their app doesn't have this issue.

I'm having the same issue, which only started happening after the app updated to the new UI


It appears the update broke spotify in several ways. Disappointing because I have been a Premium member for several years.


And yes, I have tried clearing data and cache, as well as reinstalling the app. I checked permissions and everything seems to be ok, although one time the settings said "no permissions" and when I clicked it - it changed to "permissions - storage"


Please fix this bug!!

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